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Meet Mike Meyer, 48, of St. Louis Mo. If you’d like to read Mike’s full store you can click here. However, the Cliff’s Notes of Mike’s story is this: He’s has been getting a pension for a special needs disability since he was 23.

be a hero

It’s not that great of an income, so Mike works part-time for extra money. The one thing that seemed to have brought Mike joy was his Superman collection (comics, action figures, etc) that was sadly stolen from him by an old  co-worker of Meyer’s named Gary and used his ‘friendship’ to coerce his way into Mike’s house and proceed to steel his collection. At the time of this posting, the authorities are still trying to track down the culprit.

be a hero

Mike told the St. Louis Times that  all he knows is that “Gary has dark hair, a goatee, is about 35 and drives a silver or gray car.”

Many blogs and Websites such as His Name Is Studd and Comic Book Resources are trying to put together a sort of  “replace-the-collection” effort in which you can send cards or drawn picture of Superman to Mike.

Now, I’ve met a despicable comic book jerk once or twice in my time, but this is down right wrong for anyone.  I’m in agreement that  showing a little good will in sending something might make Mike feel a little bit better.

All thoughts and good will can be sent to Mike at:

Mike Meyer c/o Bill Smith
7041 Kingsbury Blvd.
St. Louis, Mo. 63130


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