DnA Are No Longer Working Together, But They’ll Do One More Story Just For James Gunn


guardians of the galaxyDan Abnett and Andy Lanning, better known as the writing duo DnA to fans, have worked together on some of the most loved comics in recent memory. They’re best known for their work together on Guardians of the Galaxy, and their legendary run is one of director James Gunn‘s biggest influences on the upcoming Marvel movie about the intergalactic team of misfits. The duo have done a few things together here and there the last few years, but it was curious they had started working on various projects on their own. Most see them as a package deal. Rumors started spreading that the duo had split over personal differences and were no longer on speaking terms. Bleeding Cool did some digging and it turns out DnA are through, but they will have one final hurrah before going their separate ways.

dnaBleeding Cool ran a story last week confirming that the duo had stopped working together early last year after finishing some prior commitments. Andy Lanning was asked to comment, but he declined other than to clear up some errors in the site’s comic book biography for DnA. Dan Abnett has finally spoken out about the split. It seems to be pretty amicable and drama free for the most part. Their solicited work for Marvel on some special issue of Guardians of the Galaxy is explained as well:

Andy Lanning and I are no longer working together, and indeed haven’t worked together since early last year except to finish commitments. The very long-standing relationship was no longer working, and the split was for the best. I am very much happier now working solo. Throughout our partnership, I had always worked solo too, and that’s what I will be doing from hereon: at the moment on Battlestar Galactica (Dynamite), He-Man (DC), 2000AD strips, projects for Boom! and Dark Horse, and other unannounced work for DC and Marvel, as well as game writing (Alien: Isolation and Shadow Of Mordor), and, of course, my novels for Warhammer 40K and others.
The one exception to our parting is the GoTG work for Marvel, which is new. I am extremely excited at the prospect of the movie, and flattered that the DnA version has been developed in this way. We were lucky enough to get several set visits, and during one of those director James Gunn requested that we work on new material to support the film release. Neither of us wanted to disappoint James, so we took on the work as a ‘last job’. These, as I said, are new material, and very much led by the movie continuity.
The announced story in the “100th” issue will be from me solo. Hope this clarifies things.

So James Gunn was able to impress the men so much that they agreed to work together one last time to help promote the movie that is inspired by their work. It’s a fitting end to a legendary partnership. Comic book creators splitting is nothing new, but this one has a little more sting to it than others. What do you think about DnA calling it quits? Are you glad they pulled together one last time thanks to James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy?


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Source : BleedingCool