Disney Says A New INDIANA JONES Is At Least Two Or Three Years Out: Plus A Brief STAR WARS Update


indiana jonesOver the past week we’ve heard a lot about Disney jumping the final hurdles that stood in their way of owning the rights to Indiana Jones outright. Disney and Paramount have ironed out the details of who gets what, so now the House of Mouse is able to produce and market any new Indy flicks moving forward. At a Dealmakers Breakfast earlier today, Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn talked about the plans with Dr. Jones and also gave a brief Star Wars update.

Horn stated that any new Indiana Jones film from Disney would be at least two or three years out, saying “We haven’t done anything. We don’t have a story. We need a story.” While I think the ‘we haven’t done anything‘ bit may be a lie, we can take Disney‘s word that they are not on the fast track in making Indiana Jones 5. Part of the reason Disney was waiting a few years before getting the world’s most famous archeologist on screen is the fact Paramount still had a hand in the franchise until a few days ago. Horn claimed “It didn’t make sense to produce the movie at Disney and then have it be distributed and marketed by Paramount.” While Paramount gets money for the past films, everything new from here on out is all Disney‘s pie. That’s business, but I’m sure Harrison Ford will be happy to hear that the franchise definitely has a future. He’s been ready to put the fedora back on for a while now.

The chairman also gave a brief update about Star Wars. Horn once again confirmed the fact that Disney would be releasing a sequel or a Star Wars spinoff every year starting in 2015. While the studio bought the rights to Lucasfilm, it sounds like George Lucas will still be a part of the Star Wars universe. Disney is “proceeding as the folks who own the company, but he’s George Lucas and I’m sure we’ll be in conversations with him.” The future of the Star Wars universe kicks off in Episode VII, and Horn said they fully expect J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan to be done with the script next month. So there we have it. Indiana Jones is still a few years out but Star Wars is running right on schedule. The script will be done in about a month and then it’s off to the UK to make it happen. What do you think about Disney‘s plans? Are you happy with what you hear?

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Source : Variety