Disney Channel Debuts New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts



Earlier this year Disney announced they were producing a new series of Mickey Mouse animated shorts set to debut this summer. They also gave us a taste of what the new series wouldl be like with an animated short titled “Croissant de Triomphe” where, in Paris, Minnie Mouse operates a cafe and has run out of croissants. Micky and his personified Vespa come to the rescue!

The art style for these shorts, for lack of a better term, is “vintage modern”. While the quality of the production is produced in HD, the art is a modern take on the original art style of the Mickey Mouse cartoons of the late 1920s to the 1950s. The first three of the cartoons that debuted were  “Croissant de Triomphe”, as mentioned above,”No Service”, where Mickey and Donald get into an altercation on who should go in to buy the girls (Minnie and Daisy) lunch, and “Yodleberg”, in which Mickey tried to climb a snow covered mountain to get to Minnie while encountering some obstacles. These aired Friday, June 28th on the Disney Channel

Here is “Croissant de Triomphe” in full

All three of the shorts were great and on point! Paul Rudish, the executive producer of these new shorts, and his production team behind this project really know what they’re doing. Here is a short video of Rudish and Mike Moon talking about the project.

The art is great, the stories are fun, and most importantly, the humor is there.

For many Disney fans, Mickey Mouse is the staple of what Disney is. Mickey has always been around, but he hasn’t been as prominent as some of the newer Pixar characters like Woody or Buzz Lightyear the last couple of decades. Having Mickey in the forefront of new adventures such as the Epic Mickey video game series and now these new animated shorts is a great way to bring Mickey back for a new generation of Disney fans! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the series and fingers crossed for a future Blu-Ray release (HINT HINT, Disney!!!).

Like Walt Disney said, “It all started with a Mouse”.

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