Is Disney Already Developing A New INDIANA JONES?


indiana jonesLast week it was announced that Disney had gained the rights to Indiana Jones from Paramount Pictures, jumping the last hurdle in their total acquisition of Lucasfilm and all of its related properties. Disney snagged the distribution and marketing rights for any future film or films along with the ownership rights. So essentially Paramount still gets some money from what they did in the past, but the future is all Disney. The House of Mouse can do anything it wants with the property from another installment of the franchise to rebooting the whole thing. People started wondering what would happen, and a recent Tweet from Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall may just give us a hint.

Marshall took to his Twitter yesterday but the message was just spotted by Jedi News (via FirstShowing). The producer talks about moving into the Indy office on the Disney lot:

It’s strange that Marshall would be at the Indiana Jones Lucasfilm offices on the Disney lot if there wasn’t some kind of meeting or discussion about the franchise’s future going on. This doesn’t mean that it’s a new film, but it means things are being talked about at the absolute least. Harrison Ford has been vocal about wanting to put on the fedora and pick up the whip again, so we can’t rule out anything. There was that rumor that Ford would only agree to come back to Star Wars if Disney agreed to make a new Indiana Jones. While that is still just a juicy rumor, it does hold a little water. I guess we’ll find out what the plans are before long. What do you think? Would you like to see Ford back in action or should they hit the reboot button?

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