Details On DAYS OF FUTURE PAST’s Scrapped Juggernaut Scene Surface


juggernautWhen Days of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg made the press rounds for the movie that has now become the highest grossing X-film to date, he talked about the inclusion of Quicksilver being director Bryan Singer‘s idea and how the script originally had Juggernaut as the mutant that helps Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Xavier (James McAvoy) break Magneto (Michael Fassbender) out of the Pentagon prison he’s held in for the murder of John F. Kennedy. The writer revealed that things had gotten pretty far with the idea considering Josh Helman was in talks to star as the unstoppable force named Cain Marko. Helman lost that role but luckily landed the job of playing a younger William Stryker. While Kinberg only said Juggernaut was used to break Magneto out, details of the scrapped scene have finally surfaced thanks to Hitfix‘s Drew McWeeny.

juggernautIn an interview with X-Men producer Lauren Shuler-Donner and Kinberg, McWeeny got the duo to talk about the changes in the X-universe now that Days of Future Past has tinkered with the timeline. In the middle section of the interview, Kinberg again mentioned how Juggernaut was originally the mutant used for the big Pentagon scene. McWeeny then went on to detail the scene since he read that particular draft:

I’d read that draft of the script, and it was interesting seeing how they approached the same goal as in the finished film, but with a very different approach. In that draft, they dropped Juggernaut from a plane over the Pentagon, and he picked up enough speed that when he hit the ground, he went right through to the cell where Magneto was being held. Then they dropped Wolverine in after Juggernaut, so even though he was pulverized completely by the fall, he was able to heal quickly to help Magneto get out of the building. It seems obvious that they made the right choice going to Quicksilver instead, though, based on how much people love that scene.

It sounds like they scrapped the idea of Juggernaut as a blunt instrument and decided to go with Quicksilver as a scalpel. While it would have been cool seeing Juggernaut dropped from a plane and Wolverine getting completely pulverized after jumping after him, I think most fans are pretty happy with what actually ended up in the film. Quicksilver was a surprise hit in the film, especially after all the negativity surrounding the character when his inclusion was originally announced. What do you think about the brief scene description? Do you hope to see Juggernaut done right in a movie one day?

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Source : HitFix