Deathstrike Will Be Taking On The Ladies Of Wood And Dodson’s X-Men


deathstrikeBrian Wood‘s new X-Men book featuring an all-female team has won over readers of both genders. Only two issues have been released, but the book is already a big hit. The comic has a few more issues before it crosses over with the massive X-Men event Battle of the Atom, but after the final blows have been dealt and the victors sort through the rubble writer Brian Wood will be starting a new arc with new series artist Terry Dodson. The new storyline will mark the return of Lady Deathstrike. Wood recently spoke with CBR about the femme fatale’s return.

Deathstrike is a character that hasn’t been around much in recent years. She didn’t die or anything, she just hasn’t been in many books lately. Wood will be bringing her back in a big way starting around issue #7. Wood was asked if he would borrow from the Ultimate Universe and have Lady Deathstrike gunning specifically for Storm. It seems the writer  isn’t going to borrow any motivations, or anything really, from the Ultimates:

I don’t plan on using anything from the Ultimate universe, but if there’s any one thing that Lady Deathstrike is all about, it’s holding a grudge. And exacting revenge. I think as far as that goes, Lady Deathstrike would look at the X-Men and see a target-rich environment, as the saying goes.

The first arc of X-Men featured a female villain, and the second arc will as well. The comic book scribe was asked if Deathstrike and the New Sisterhood signal he’s going to stick with all-female characters for the foreseeable future:

Yes, there’s no plans or even any intentions to add a male character to the lineup. As you can see already from the issues that have come out, men are present in the book, and in pivotal roles. I don’t expect anything to change as far as that goes. And just because the next set of villains is the Sisterhood, that’s not to say the next one after won’t be male. It might be.

You can read the full interview with Wood about X-Men by clicking here. So what do you think about Deathstrike coming back to face off against Rogue, Jubilee, Psylocke, and Rogue? What about her new look?

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Source : CBR