The Other Dead’s Gun-Totting Obama Cover Held Up In Customs

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other dead 2You may remember last month we spoke with the people behind IDW’s new miniseries about zombie animals called The Other Dead. It was a wild and new take on the genre that also happened to feature President Obama as a lead character. The series was supposed to come out this Wednesday, September 11th, but it seems to have hit a bit of a snag.

The book had gained a lot of attention not only for its creative team (Joshua Ortega, Digger T. Mesch, Qing Ping Mui, Blond, and Kevin Eastman) but also for a controversial cover featuring Obama packing some serious heat. I asked Ortega about that cover last month. You can read the full interview by clicking here. The writer said in part that he felt the cover was an homage to EC Comics and Tales from the Crypt. Ortega couldn’t have picked two better examples. Those were some of the comics that came under fire by politicians when the Comics Code Authority first started. The Other Dead is running into some problems, but it’s not the Comics Code Authority. The book has been held up in customs due to the limited edition Obama cover. The reason given late Sunday to the creators was that they had “to spray for moths.”

The one-in-ten variant by Esiner and Inkpot winner Dave Dorman is under heavy moth attack. The moths are after the book so bad it will have to be delayed for a while. The timing is odd to say the least. Whether it really is a moth infestation, something related to the timing of the cover and a possible conflict with Syria/the 9-11 date, or it’s just a honest to goodness delay, customs isn’t letting the book go. I was able to get a quote from Ortega about the hold-up. He and the rest of the team seem to be taking the setback pretty well all things considered:

You know, all the hubbub is kind or ironic since we created The Other Dead as something of an ode to EC Comics, Mad Magazine, Tales From the Crypt, etc. However, I didn’t expect The Other Dead to get any sort of governmental backlash like EC did back in the day! I’ll be curious to see how this develops…to say the least!

Due to the setback it’s not entirely clear when the first issue in the six-part series will debut. It’s still tentatively slated for a little later this month. Controversy helps sells books, but you need to have the books in your possession to sell them. What do you think about The Other Dead’s unexpected delay? Big conspiracy or true but weird story about moths?


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