DEADPOOL’s Bride-To-Be Revealed At Last


deadpool bannerIt was recently announced that Deadpool #27 would feature the Merc with A Mouth getting married. The gigantic cover Marvel released from Scott Koblish was jam-packed with characters from every corner of the Marvel Universe who gathered together to celebrate ‘Pool‘s nuptials. It still remains to be seen if the cover breaks the Guinness World Record for the cover with the most characters, but the one thing fans really wanted to know was who the mystery bride was. It turns out we didn’t have to wait until the wedding to find out that answer. Writer Gerry Duggan talked about Deadpool‘s bride in a recent interview about the digital series Deadpool: The Guntlet.

deadpoolThe Gauntlet has seen Deadpool taking on a job from Dracula to retrieve a very special coffin. After tricking the actual Minotaur of Ancient Greek myth to ram into the zebra-drawn horse cart carrying said casket, a female figure was released. That lady was later identified as Shiklah, Queen of the Undead. Dracula wanted to marry her, but it seems like she and Wade hit it off really well. Duggan says Deadpool‘s bride isn’t actually a vampire as some thought. Said the writer while teasing the femme fatale and her role:

She’s a classic succubus; the monsters that would fly in windows and drain men of their vitality and so forth. We put a couple of twists on her and Reilly Brown did a really wonderful job with a couple of different drawings. I don’t want to spoil a surprise, but there is more to her than meets the eye. You’ll see a different side to her as the story progresses.

She comes from a long line of monsters. She’s monster royalty and she was hidden away for a long time and forgotten about. The reasons for that will be revealed. Dracula wants to marry her to unite the monster underworld and receive her family’s fortune and lands. So he’s behaving like the classic monarch.

Duggan teased a lot of developments that we’ll see play out in The Guantlet before the big wedding issue, but he did say one more thing about Shiklah. When asked if Deadpool was at a point in his life where he was actually in love with Shiklah or more the idea of Shiklah and marriage, Duggan said we’ll have to wait and see:

That’s the million dollar question and he won’t have that answered for a long time. I think people get married for one reason and they might stay together for another. I’m, luckily, happily married now for many years and there’s not too much correlation between what my marriage is and what Deadpool’s is, but everyone wants love and security out of a marriage and these two aren’t different.
Whether or not they find that is another thing, and she’s already very, very old. She doesn’t look it, but she is and her idea of a marriage to a “mortal” man might not be what Deadpool’s is, and that’s something certainly that no one in this short amount of time has considered. [Laughs]
They’re very well paired on the surface, that is true. And certainly she’s found something in Wade that she’s never found in any other man. It’s funny that Deadpool isn’t exactly running into this, but she’s such a powerful character that he doesn’t feel the need to look over his shoulder as much anymore. So that’s where some of that security comes in.

They will have a place in the Marvel Universe. It will be a very accessible place and a preexisting one. I’ll just say it’s under Manhattan.

You can read the rest of the interview where Duggan talks about Blade‘s role in the digital series as well as the final few hurdles Wade will have to get through in his Dracula quest at the source link below. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Deadpool‘s lady in the near future, but what do you think about the future Mrs. Wilson? Will you be checking out the digital series now that Shiklah has been introduced?

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