It’s DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE In Cullen Bunn’s Latest Mini-Series


deapool carnageThe news today that Cullen Bunn is writing a new “Deadpool vs.” series involving Carnage is incredibly strange, but only insomuch that the two characters have never faced off before. Both are 90s creations who are prone to a bit of the old ultraviolence, though Deadpool has a conscience and moral code compared to Cletus Kassady. The two killer titans will be squaring off this April in a four-issue bout from Bunn and his long-time Deadpool artist Salva Espin. Some details about the event were revealed earlier today at IGN.

Speaking with the site, Bunn said that Carnage and Deadpool aren’t as unrelated as we might think. He teases that his story will see “a connection between them that allows Deadpool to track Carnage like nobody’s business.” Because of this connection, Deadpool will feel slightly obligated to try and stop the psychopaths that are Cletus and Carnage. It’s set in the main 616 universe, so Bunn‘s previous Deadpool Kills stories aren’t a necessary prerequisite, though the recent Carnage mini-series will be built upon. The writer talked about the appeal of the two wild and crazy dudes:

I think both of the appeal of these characters lies in that quality of “what the Hell are they gonna do next?” that both of them share. For Deadpool, we’re constantly wondering about the wild, ridiculous antics he has up his sleeve. For Carnage, we wonder at the lengths he’ll go to for an increase in body count. That’s something we’ll see in this book—a kind of one-upmanship between the two. Zany versus murderous! A titan against a titan!

Bunn will get inside Carnage‘s head this February with a special Superior Carnage Annual, so he gets a little time with the crazy symbiote before throwing him to the Merc with a Mouth. The annual will see Carnage and Cletus reunited, so we can expect everyone to be at full strength when Deadpool and Carnage come face-to-face. Below you can check out some of Espin‘s uncolored artwork for the series. What do you think about these two insane characters coming together? Will you be checking this one out?



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