Deadpool Kills Everyone This August In: Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe


That’s a pretty straightforward title, you know what you’re going to get when you buy a book called Deadpool kills the Marvel universe. This August, author Cullen Bunn and artist Dalibor Talajic will start the bloodbath with a four-issue miniseries published weekly throughout the month. You’ll be seeing something in a similar vein to The Punisher miniseries that saw the entire MU wiped out as well. Author Cullen Bunn and editor Jordan D. White spoke with CBR about the series and shared all of the cover art for the four issues. You can catch the full interview by clicking here, below are a few interesting tidbits.

When asked about how the idea came about and giving fans what the title promises:

White: In many ways, it’s about giving the fans what they want. It’s called “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” and we absolutely deliver on the promise of that title. If you think that idea sounds interesting or intriguing at all, this series is made expressly for you.

Bunn: Yeah, I don’t think there’s any subterfuge in the title. This is Deadpool murdering the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe we know and love. On another level, though, it’s kind of a tragic story about being the puppet of greater forces — and how far one might go to be free of all that.

On if this Deadpool’s motivation will be similar to the 616 Deadpool, especially about his love for the personification of Death:

Bunn: His motivations aren’t connected to many of the story elements you might have seen in other books. This kind of tale gives us the chance to do some things we couldn’t even think about in the core Deadpool book. But I wanted a catalyst for Deadpool’s killing spree that could happen in the main book.
At the beginning of this story, we’re dealing with “our” Deadpool. His perceptions have always been a little off-center, but now his world view is crashing down around him. When the switch gets flipped (so to speak), Deadpool takes a very dark turn. From that point, he’s got a very specific goal in mind, and he’s not going to stop for anything or anyone.

And most interesting of all, how high up the Marvel Universe ladder will Deadpool’s killing spree go

Bunn: I think folks will dig seeing just how high up the food chain Deadpool slices and dices. In some cases, he keeps the kills pretty simple. But for some of the heavy hitters, he has to get creative. The thing about Deadpool (especially this Deadpool) is that he sees things differently. It helps make him a more effective killer. He relies on everything from straight forward gun and swordplay to elaborate “Saw”-like deathtraps.

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