Deadpool #1 Review


The Marvel NOW! relaunches have come.  Deadpool was one of the books I started reading when I got into comics, so it’s safe to say I was excited for this relaunch.  And boy does #1 deliver in spades.

Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn write one hysterical script.  Instead of mining the voices in Wade’s head for comedy, they embrace the wacky character that Wade has become.  They quickly, and effectively, give the reader a sense of how they will be writing Deadpool.  Deadpool will be sticking to one voice, and making insane comments on what is going around.  And naturally, the scenes going on around him are even more insane than his comments.  The dead Presidents are a great idea.  It’s just crazy enough that Captain America or the Avengers can’t handle it without making a scene.  It’s also nice to see Duggan and Posehn not going back to the normal side characters.  They are fine, but Deadpool could use some new faces to interact with.  The new S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Agent Preston, seems like she will be a good fit for Wade.  She’s been put down, and no one suspects much of her.  Which makes her the S.H.I.E.L.D. version of Deadpool.  The numerous history jokes are spot on, and some of the best written jokes in the issue.  The history major in me is excited for future issues (as is the comic fan in me).

One of the problems that Daniel Way’s run suffered from was the over use of the internal voices.  They were used well early on, but became annoying near the end of his run.  As well, Wade became the insane situation, instead of him going INTO insane situations.  Not to say that Way’s run was bad, it just became a little tired near the end.  It’s hard to get a full handle on how this run is going to be, but I’d excited.  Having actual comedy writers will work well for the timing of jokes.  If Deadpool keeps cracking unfunny jokes, and the occasional funny joke, the issue will be boring.  Duggan and Posehn pepper the jokes amongst the necessary exposition, and they work well.  This is the Deadpool book that everyone really has been waiting for.

Tony Moore has been on a couple of Marvel books the past few years, and he has never stayed on a title long.  His incredibly detailed pencils take time, and shipping on a monthly schedule doesn’t suit his pencils.  But since we haven’t seen him pencil interiors in some time, I hope he will be ahead of the game.  His pencils are brilliant as always here.  Wade’s intense wounds are shown in all their gory detail.  It helps sell Wade’s healing factor.  He nails each President, with the reader easily being able to see who is who right away.  The jokes wouldn’t have worked if Moore hadn’t penciled their face perfectly.  With Duggan and Posehn writing the Deadpool book everyone wanted, Moore pencils the Deadpool book we all want.  His pencils sell the insane situations that Wade enters.

We are two books into Marvel NOW!, and both have been great issues.  Let us hope the rest of them are this stellar.

Deadpool #1 gets 4.5/5.

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