DC’s FUTURES END Will Give Us Batman Beyond, But Don’t Dare Ask About Wally West

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beyondDC recently announced a weekly series that will explore the future of the New 52 universe. Things begin five years from the current timeline, but it sounds like we’ll get to take a trip a little farther into the future as we learn about the evil machinations of OMAC. Futures End will be written by the talented team of Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire. The entire brain trust spoke with CBR about the series, mainly dancing around questions since everything that happens after the upcoming Free Comic Book Day issue kicking off the event would be massive spoilers. The team did reveal two things worth pointing out.

Comics DC's WeeklyThe series has a huge cast of characters, but from all accounts it seems that Frankenstein, Firestorm, and Batman Beyond will be the three main characters spotlighted in the series. When it came time to explain why each of the three were chosen, the reason Terry McGinnis was picked as the future character was pretty amusing:

Azzarello: I just needed a character from the future, and that was the only one I knew. [Laughs] I thought we needed a hook — we needed somebody big, and somebody that hadn’t really appeared in The New 52 yet. Since we were dealing with this jump into the future, it made sense to bring in Terry McGinnis.
Jurgens: We’ve talked about telling a story that takes place in the world five years from now, but obviously if we have Batman Beyond, there’s a DC timeline that exists beyond just this five-year period. We’re going to touch on some pretty expansive things throughout here, and the way it affects the characters, and what it does to the current DCU.

When Azzarello was asked how similar the New 52 version of Terry McGinnis would be from his cartoon counterpart, the writer says there will obviously be some differences. Most of that stems from the future in which we find Batman Beyond. Says Azzarello, “He’s got the same costume, I think. [Laughs] Is he different? Yes. It’s different, it’s New 52. It’s from a different sort of future. Is it going to be recognizable? Yes, he’s going to be recognizable. Is it going to have differences? Yes, of course he’s going to have differences. I’m not going to tell you what they are.

After cracking a few more jokes about things and saying as much as they could about the series while still keeping it a secret, the question about introducing new characters was raised. The team said they do have an expansive cast, but they will be introducing new characters as well as some old faces that haven’t appeared in the New 52 yet. Before it could be asked, Giffen wanted to be clear about one thing- “Let’s get this up front: No, we’re not using g**d**n Wally.” The interviewer then said people are really curious whether Wally West or Donna Troy would be coming back. A lot of people have been wanting those two to return, but Giffen suggests that folks “Get over it!

So there you go DC fans. Terry McGinnis will be showing up in the DC universe proper, but don’t get your hopes up Wally West or Donna Troy will be tagging along. I’m sure we’ll see Wally and Donna sometime in the future, but it’s going to be a while. You can read the full interview with the team at the source link below. What do you think about the writers’ comments?


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