DC Will Have NIGHTWING Lose The Mask And Become A Secret Agent In ‘GRAYSON’


graysonNightwing is dead. Well…kind of. In Forever Evil the Crime Syndicate unmasked Dick Grayson and reveled his identity to the world. Fans were concerned that DC would kill off Batman‘s first sidekick, but it turns out they’re just going to turn him into a super secret agent. USA Today announced today that writers Tim Seeley and Tom King (a former CIA counter terrorism operations officer) will kick off Grayson July 2nd.

Grayson will see Dick leaving behind his life as a masked crime fighter and embarking on a new mission at the behest of Batman. Seeley says that the new series will see Batman telling his former partner to stay ‘dead‘ in the eyes of the world, and even his family- Batgirl, Red Robin, and even Alfred. Seeley says of the series, “He’s been Robin, he’s been Batman, and now he’s out in the cold by himself.” At that point King adds, “He’s doing something that’s going to cause pain to his friends and family, but he believes in the cause. That tension between having to do something good but having the cost of it being pain to his family, it drives him a little crazy.

Dick will be working for the spy agency Spyral, first introduced in Grant Morrison‘s Batman, Incorporated. The writers say they will explore the dark side of intelligence networks and how Dick will navigate the new world in which he finds himself. Part of that will see the introduction of the character’s own archenemy. And they will of course be “leaning into” the fact that Dick is something of a sex symbol in the DC Universe and our world as well. You can read more from the duo at the source link below. So Dick Grayson will stay alive, but he’ll be a secret agent instead of a masked crime fighter. It seems DC will be turning Dick into something of a Winter Soldier type. Cap sent his former sidekick on a similar mission just a few years ago. What do you think about the new director for Mr. Grayson?


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Source : USA Today