DC Movie Roundup: David Goyer Would Love To Do GREEN LANTERN, Gal Gadot Is Excited For Whats To Come, Darren Aronofsky Wanted MAN OF STEEL And More

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You know we don’t shy away from the roundup here at Comic Book Therapy, so I’m back at you with another one. This one revolves around those involved, or in Darren Aronofsky’s case those who wanted to be involved, in the DC Cinematic Universe. There are a couple of different topics to jump into so let’s get right to it!

David Goyer Would Love To Do Green Lantern
GoyerGreenLanternWhile chatting it up with Collider, Man Of Steel screenwriter David Goyer was talking about the film’s sequences on Krypton. It was suggested that the way Krypton was handled should have been the way Green Lantern was handled, and then Goyer was asked if he would ever consider going to Warner Brothers to make a Green Lantern film to where he said, “I would love to do Green Lantern.” Check out the full video below. The Man of Steel talks begins at 11:00. The Green Lantern stuff at 12:45.

Catwoman Has Some Advise For Lex LuthorAnneJesseAnne Hathaway is busy promoting Rio 2, a film in which she co-stars with new Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg. While she sat down with Total Film, The Dark Knight Rises star was asked if she had any advise for Eisenberg when it comes to tackling a big blockbuster superhero movie. “I wish I could say something, but it’s going to be his experience. Keep a journal, which I’m sure he does in some version of that already, just to remember it. Don’t be afraid to make it your own.In my case, people criticized, criticized, criticized until they saw it, and then a lot of people likes what I did. Don’t listen to anyone, do your thing. They cast you for a reason.” And then when asked how she thinks he’ll do she responded, “I think he’ll be remarkable, I’m excited to see it.” Check out that video below as well.

Gal Gadot Is Excited For Whats To Come After Being Cast As Wonder Woman
TrinityGadotWe have had a few quotes from our new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, but it’s been a while since we have heard anything. ET caught up with the Israeli actress/model as she was in Hollywood as the spokeswoman for Vine Vera Skin Care. They asked Gadot if she is ready for how the role of Wonder Woman will change her life to which she replied that she is, “very excited for what’s next to come”

Darren Aronofsky Is Sad That He Missed Out On Man Of Steel
AronofskyMOSbannerIt’s a pretty well known story by now. After David Goyer got his script writer for Man Of Steel and brought it to Christopher Nolan, they began their search for directors. Ben Affleck and Duncan Jones were among the few names on the list with the job ultimately going to Zack Snyder. But another name was there too, Darren Aronofky. The Noah directors talked with MTV where he said he took a few conversations with Nolan about the job, but wasn’t in a place in his life that would allow him to leave New York for that long of a period of time. Check out the full quote below:

“Superman’s one of the holy grails. It’s Superman. It’s the best superhero. Batman is great, of course, but it’s Superman. He’s the same level. That possibility was great. I thought Zack was a great choice, and I loved his ‘Watchmen’ movie. I thought it was great. I thought that as a fan of the comic, you couldn’t hope for a better interpretation. I liked the orthodoxy of it. It was interesting to add the pathos that they put into the character. It’s a hard one to do. You look at what Christopher Reeve did, and it was perfect, because it captured that ‘good old boy’ thing. But to try and redo that again and bring that for a modern audience is tough in a post-‘Batman’ and ‘Wolverine’ world. It’s hard to do that.”

So there you have it. Goyer’s would like a go at Green Lantern, Gadot is ready for the excitement being cast as a superhero can bring, Hathaway tell Eisenberg to be himself and Aronofsky is a little bummed he didn’t get to direct Man Of Steel. I would like to see what Goyer could do with Green Lantern to be honest. The first 20 minutes on Krypton was superbly written, and like Collider pointed out, I think it could translate well to the Green Lantern universe. Leave your comments in the comment boxes below, and check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest on all things DC.


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