DC Fans The ‘DC VS. MARVEL Movies’ Flame In An Interesting Letter


marvel dcDC Comics beat Marvel to the big screen with 1978s Superman. That movie proved to be a smash-hit and culture touchstone, then they did it again in 1989 with Batman. Since then Warner Bros. has had a rockier road when it comes to adapting comic book material. All hope of success has hung on Batman since the 1990s. Marvel entered the superhero movie game later on and slowly became the juggernaut we know them as today. In an interesting letter that was recently shared on Reddit, a seventh grader wrote to DC asking some questions for a language arts project. One of the things the student asked was how DC planned to compete against Marvel movies “when Marvel seemingly dominates the live action superhero movie industry.” What DC had to say may surprise you.

The publisher wrote back to the young fan, answering his comic book questions and giving him a few free comics too boot. Their answers were quickfire responses but they did use an entire paragraph to answer the movie question. Says DC (via ComicBook):

How do we plan to compete you ask: well Marvel may have many movies that come out in one year, and the reason for that is they have many different distributors which makes it possible for them to do so, DC Comics has one distributor who is Warner Bros., and well we don’t like to too our own horn (well actually we do) our movies by far exceed all of Marvels in sales.

That’s quite a statement. It’s untrue, but it’s a statement. Marvel has some of the highest grossing movies of all time thanks to the likes of the billion dollar movies Avengers and Iron Man 3, with the only DC/WB production coming close being The Dark Knight. If you take every Marvel movie and every DC movie ever made into account and made adjustments for inflation, then DC has a stronger leg to stand on. It would be very close, but with Marvel having two or three movies on the all-time highest grossing movies list they may just have the edge.

To DC‘s credit, they are absolutely destroying Marvel when it comes to DVD animated features and TV shows. There’s not too much you can argue with there. With everything seeming to hinge on Batman vs. Superman as far as DC‘s movie future goes, we may have to revisit this success of movies argument again in a few years. It’s nice to see a company reply to a fan’s letter and we can all agree on that. What do you think about DC‘s response? This is Reddit, so more importantly do you believe the letter is legit?

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Source : via ComicBook