DC Expanding The EARTH ONE Graphic Novel Line With TEEN TITANS, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, And More


teen titansDC has been very successful with their two volumes of Superman: Earth One and their sole Batman: Earth One collection. Those started coming out a few years ago, but 2013 didn’t see the release of any Earth One graphic novels. That all will change as DC announced their plans for a whole new line of Earth One stories at Emerald City Comiccon.

It was announced that we would soon be seeing Teen Titans: Earth One on November 19th from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Terry Dodson, the third Superman: Earth One volume from J. Michael Straczynski and artist Ardian Syaff in 2015, a second installment of Batman: Earth One from Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank, and the long-awaited Wonder Woman: Earth One from Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette. While Wonder Woman: Earth One is near completion, there is no estimated release date on that just yet. When pressed by CBR about the release schedule, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio would only say “We’re trying to put these books out almost to one a quarter. We’re set to go with the “Teen Titans” book first, and as we watch the other books develop, we’ll be able to put them on the schedule.

You may notice the artist change for Superman: Earth One, Volume 3. Shane Davis illustrated the first two Earth One stories for the Man of Steel, but now Ardian Syaf will be stepping in for the next outing in 2015. When asked about the change, Didio revealed it was all about scheduling:

I love Ardian Syaf’s work. He did a wonderful job for us when we launched the New 52 line. Unfortunately, Shane had gone on to other projects, and was under contract to another company when we started this book up. We didn’t want to hold up the series, and Ardian seemed the best choice. We had a chance to show his work to JMS, and JMS loved what he saw. It was a nice, easy fit. Ardian’s done a beautiful job, and the pages look spectacular. I’m really happy. Shane set a really high bar with this series — wonderful to see somebody else taking it and running with it.

Following on the heels of that news, writer Jeff Lemire spoke at length with CBR about his Teen Titans: Earth One story. The writer remained mum on a lot of the finer points, but he did say his Teen Titans team consists of Cyborg, Changeling, Starfire, Raven, and Jericho. The reason you won’t see people like Robin or Aqualad in the first outing is because Lemire says there are no sidekicks in this world just yet. He explained:

They aren’t sidekicks, because in this world, adult superheroes don’t exist yet. There is no such thing as a sidekick. That doesn’t mean that moving forward, in Volume 2 and onward, new versions of characters like Robin or Aqualad or whoever might work their way in, in a new way. But for the start, anyway, there are definitely no sidekicks.

You can see everything Lemire had to say by clicking here. So good news Earth One fans, more stories are on the way! 2015 is going to be a big year for the graphic novel line, but we’re going to be getting new stories for a few years to come. What do you think about the news? Are you ready to revisit old heroes and meet some new ones?

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