DC Comics To Start New He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Comic

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Geek News at MTV have revealed the launch of a new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe comic to come out this July. It is set to be a six issue book written by James Robinson, with pencils by Phillip Tan, and inks by Ruy Jose. This isn’t the He-Man you knew as a child, this is an all new story. It starts out with Skeletor already having won.

In the six issue run, Skeletor has figured out a way to alter the reality of Eternia, making himself the ruler of Castle Greyskull, and He-Man and the other heroes are peasants with no memory of their previous heroics. Adam is a simple woodman who dreams of wielding a massive sword, actually glimpses of his former life. The story really kicks off when a “mysterious sorceress” sends him on a quest to save Eternia.

MTV Geek has a full interview you can read by clicking here, but writer James Robinson speaks on the challenges of working on something with a built-in fanbase.

The challenge is to write something that raises the standard for the series, with a cool, modern story that nevertheless honors the fans of the animated series and toy line. Let’s just say I’ve come up with a series concept that introduces the line of characters to new readers in what I hope is a fresh, dynamic and compelling way while honoring what the series has been prior.

Robinson also said that he wasn’t aware if this mini-series was part of a “larger plan” for He-Man, but Mattel had been very supportive to his ideas. He did say, however, that they’ve got their eyes on all their franchises “for the best way to make the most of them.

Now, I’m a He-Man fan but not a fanatic so this story sounds intriguing to me. I would love to see a serious He-Man movie done, maybe this series will be the launch pad for it. Thor proved these types of film can be done, but on the other hand the new Conan proves that it doesn’t mean it’s good. It will be intersting to see how this story plays out and what may come from it. What do you think?


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