Dc Comics Mistery: The Purple Hood STRIKES!


Doc… I am having a problem with the new DC 52 comics. I think I’m hallucinating. I keep seeing the same mysterious purple hooded woman in all the new DC comics that I am reading. Am I losing it?

Purple Hood

Why would DC comics play where’s Waldo with its comic readers? Well this might be a cool little treat for the long term DC readers that many felt DC was locking out with their entire universe relaunch. Is it a hint of what is to come?–Again I am yelling CRISIS“!!!! But if you haven’t spotted it yet a mysterious purple hooded gal has made a cameo appearance in every new DC book starting with Justice League #1. But we still don’t know who this mysterious gal is. I say it’s Stephanie Brown dressed up in her old Spoiler costume P$*@*$! off cause she is no longer Batgirl.

Dust off your old where’s Waldo finding skills and spot the purple hood.

Exhibit 1:  Justice League #1 during Vic Stone‘s Ball Game.



Exhibit 2: BatWing



 Exhibit 3: Detective Comics– Batman atop a car.



Exhibit 4: Justice League International. 



Exhibit 5: Static Shock— The Purple Hood is a peeping tom.



Exhibit 6: Hawk and Dove.– I see no pouches on the Purple Hood but who knows.


 Exhibit 7: Batgirl. — This one was actually a little hard to spot, but check the reflection.



Exhibit 8: Action Comics. — This one was somewhat obvious but just in case you missed it.



Exhibit 9: Animal Man.– They need a doctor Purple Hood, don’t just stand there.


Exhibit 10: Green Arrow.–Hey Party people how did you not spot her there?



Exhibit 11: Swamp Thing.


So whoever this mysterious purple hooded lady is, I am sure that she will be popping up in the upcoming new DC titles. Obviously she has a tie to the Multiverse and is most likely the same mysterious female figure that spoke to Barry Allen, The Flash in the last Flashpoint issue. A new type of Monitor ? Who knows? But it’s kind of cool and as a long term DC reader it is getting me kind of excited.

So Doc, I’m not crazy am I? You see her too don’t you? Keep an eye out and we’ll talk about it next session.

Tell us if you spot the Purple Hood Lady via Twitter– @Valvictory & @ComicBTherapy.




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