DC Cancels Scott Lobdell’s TEEN TITANS


teen titansScott Lobdell announced that his run on DC’s Teen Titans has come to an end. In fact the entire series is being put on the shelf for a little while. The writer made the announcement earlier today on ComicVine in thanking readers and his collaborators for his time on the book. Teen Titans will end after the new Annual and issue #30.

Lobdell’s message on CovicVine reads in part “Why am I talking about it like its in the past? Because issue #30 and the annual a week later is going to the final issue of the most recent incarnation of the TEEN TITANS! I’m thrilled the DC is letting me wrap up the story on a high note as the TEEN TITANS square off against the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in a final battle — bringing to conclusion the conflict that began in the first issue!” While this is the last we will see of Scott Lobdell on Teen Titans, it’s not the last we’ve seen of the team. The writer seems to hint that a relaunch is coming sometime in the near future when he states “Trust me when I say we haven’t seen the last of everyone’s favorite teen team adventures.

During his time on the series Lobdell introduced a new gay character named Bunker and even moved the team to New York. He shook things up, but his run was largely divisive among Teen Titans fans. We’ll have to wait and see what DC does with the young heroes and where they will pop up next. What do you think about the news?

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Source : ComicVine