DAYS OF FUTURE PAST’s Sentinel Design Explained: Plus The Full Empire Cover Banner


sentinelYesterday Empire had an unprecedented promotion when they released 25 magazine covers featuring a different character from Days of Future Past every hour (give or take a few minutes) for 25 hours straight. Director Bryan Singer even got a cover of his own, making him the first director ever featured in such a way for the magazine. It was a long night, but we made it through. Well now the gigantic 25-piece banner has been released in full. The final piece of the puzzle was the future version of a Sentinel, and it got people talking more than any of the other covers. Now that we’ve all had a few hours to let it sink in, an explanation for the odd looking Sentinel has been offered.

The majority of the covers were received fairy well from the public, but Quicksilver and the future Sentinel received the strongest reactions. And that reaction was overwhelmingly negative. The future version of the Sentinel has a unique design that clashes with the otherwise classic design of the past Sentinels. Some fans’ knee-jerk reaction was that this looked like a mix between the aliens of The Day the Earth Stood Still, the Destroyer armor from Thor, and a few other sci-fi bobs and bits. production designer John Mayhre says that the future version is actually all about functionality:

They’re biomechanical weapons. We had to come up with what would be the ultimate version that could actually, in principle, stop the X-Men. We started with this idea that they were almost made up of magnetic plates slapped over one another, imagining that the plates could contract or grow, so the Sentinel can be skinny to get through a small space or the plates can open up to become a bigger shape. So they have become virtually unstoppable.

When we actually see the future Sentinels in motion, that may alleviate some of the concerns folks have had from only seeing a picture. It is a very unique and odd design, but the dystopian setting for Days of Future Past will be just as odd and unique a place. The film has an epic scope and an expansive cast, so we’ll have to wait and see. In addition to all the Sentinel talk, you can check out all 25 of those Empire covers put together into one gigantic banner by scrolling through the gallery below. What do you think about the Sentinel explanation?

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Source : Empire