DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Scribe Admits Kitty Pryde’s New Power Is A ‘Bit Of A Cheat’


kitty prydeX-Men: Days of Future Past has been a big success with fans and critics alike, not to mention making enough money to easily cement its place as the biggest earner in the X-Men franchise. While it did gangbusters in every possible category, there were a few continuity and story problems that have been debated among the fandom. One of the biggest ones that most people tend to agree on is that it was a little odd to see Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) sending Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back in time. That’s a power Kitty just doesn’t have. In a recent interview with the Q&A Podcast, Days of Future Past scribe Simon Kinberg explains how that’s possible though he admits it’s “a bit of a cheat.”

days of future pastIn the comics the movie is adapted from, Rachel Summers is the one that sends Kitty Pryde‘s mind back in time to stop Mystique. Kinberg says that Rachel was in the first draft of the script, but it just didn’t work out the way he hoped it would. He decided to use Kitty as the one with the ability to send minds back in time and chalked it up to the power being a secondary mutation:

Rachel was in the first draft of the script of this. In fact it was Rachel that sent Wolverine back in the first draft of my script. And I had Storm having this kind of complicated relationship with her because she’s the orphan of Jean, who’s Storm’s friend, who’s dead, and Scott, who was Storm’s friend, who’s dead. And more than anything — and this is a movie I had to do this a lot on — I had to do a hypertext introduction to a character. Let me just give you the Wiki pages on who Scott is and who Jean is, and they’re not in this scene, but everybody’s going to have to talk about them. And then there’s going to be somebody who’s upset because her parents are gone…anyway, it just seemed more complicated than it was worth for a movie that already had a lot of drama and a lot of complication. I don’t remember at what point in the process I switched it to Kitty but what I thought was, it’s a bit of a cheat because it’s not really her power, but the way I was explain it if I really was attacked is that there’s secondary powers that a lot of the mutants have in the X-Men universe — secondary powers that evolve and emerge later in life. So who’s to say that Kitty — who is capable of touching people and having them phase with her through space, why can’t it be that they also phase through time if she evolves her powers?

The writer went on to add that there was even a line in the script to explain it, though it was cut. Kinberg originally had Wolverine saying something along the lines of “I guess you’re taking people through more than walls now, huh kid?” While it doesn’t say it in the film, a secondary mutation explanation does make some sense. Beast has undergone a lot of mutations that have been attributed to that very fact. What do you think about the writer’s comments? Do you accept that explanation?


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