old man loganLet’s go ahead and get this part out of the way- this is a mixture of quotes, speculation, and editorializing on whether or not we may see Old Man Logan adapted to the big screen anytime soon. When you think about Wolverine stories, two immediately come to the mind of longtime comic book fans: the Japanese saga and Old Man Logan. Hugh Jackman has had a particular affinity for the Japanese saga for some time, all the way back to the first X-Men film, which is part of the reason it was loosely adapted for James Mangold‘s The Wolverine. That leaves the other well-known story left to borrow from. We know a new Wolverine solo-movie is in the works, the story is being written now, and Hugh Jackman is talking more and more about retiring and the inevitable recasting of the character. What better way to go out than doing a riff on Old Man Logan?

In an interview posted today with The Nerdist, X-Men writer and producer Simon Kinberg (we’ve been hearing a lot from that guy lately) was asked what solo X-Men storyline he would most like to see make it to the big screen. With all the talk about a potential Mystique spinoff, a solo Gambit movie (that may or may not star Channing Tatum), and even a reappearance of Nightcrawler, the possibilities are limitless. Out of all those potential movies, Kinberg only wanted to see one thing- Old Man Logan. He told the site, “I’d like to see Old Man Logan. That’s it’s own spinoff and it’s not a new spinoff. Kinberg is quickly becoming the face and the voice for the production side of the film due to the legal trouble Bryan Singer has found himself in, so we can only imagine his power will continue to grow. Even more so if both Days of Future Past and Fantastic Four prove successful. So the writer is on board, and he can definitely make it happen if he so desires. Kinberg has no hand in the The Wolverine sequel’s script, but he does serve as a producer and has a strong hand in most of the films coming up.

wolverineThat leaves Hugh Jackman. The actor has played the same superhero more than any other actor in movie history. Jackman is still able to get in embarrassingly great shape for the X-movies, so that’s not the problem. Jackman has started doing more and more musicals and dramatic roles, and mix that with the fact he is 45, and you can see how he’s starting to get tired of eating nothing but grilled chicken breasts and pumping iron nonstop. The star has said more and more recently that he knows he’ll have to hang up the claws one day. As long as he’s getting good scripts he’s game, but he realizes he’s closer to the end than the beginning. Wolverine 3 is in the works, but Jackman isn’t officially signed on. If he’s wanting to retire, and his role in X-Men: Apocalypse takes a backseat in favor for the younger mutants for once, then you can see how Old Man Logan would be a good choice to make as part of the farewell tour. Internet commentators have long hoped for a Clint Eastwood led adaptation of the comic, but Jackman will be the only Wolverine we’ll see until the role is recast. We can safely bet the actor chosen will be young so Fox can maximize on the movie appearances much like they have with Jackman.

So that’s they ‘why,’ but what about the ‘how?’ Well Days of Future Past offers up the perfect opportunity. There is going to be countless ripple effects cause by the time travel plot. Things from the previous X-Men movies will be altered and future events will be set up. We don’t known what happens to Wolverine by the end of the film, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility to think he’s older, grouchier, and a little more reflective. Maybe he can decide he’s getting too old for this…stuff.. and wants to live the quite life of solitude he thought he wanted in The Wolverine. Boom! There’s your lead-in. Heck, you could even explore an alternate dimension created by the time traveling. Kinberg said earlier today The Fantastic Four and X-Men will reside in two different planes and/or dimensions. Obviously major parts of the Mark Millar penned story would have to be changed considering how many Marvel Studios characters appear in the work, with Hulk being the big final battle, but that’s never stopped Fox from making a comic book movie before. There are analogous characters in the X-Men universe that could take the place of the major Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. While some would argue that’s only Old Man Logan in name only, I would argue the spirit and tone of the story trumps the big fights. Old Man Logan is a story about the crappy world Wolverine now lives in and how important he really is to the balance of things. You can do that with any characters throwing the punches at him as long as you get the tone right. We’ve seen numerous riffs on classic comic book storylines, this is just a little more elaborate of one.

So there’s the case of Old Man Logan. The writers like the story, Jackman will soon need a movie to go out on, and the tone and spirit of the story can be adapted with the stable of characters Fox currently has. While it would be a very loose adaptation, seeing an older Wolverine navigating a strange, but somewhat recognizable world while holding on to unimaginable guilt and personal trauma would be something Jackman could pull off very well. What do you think? Would you want to see a cover band version of Old Man Logan, or is that one best left to the pages of the comics?

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