David Tennant Talks The 50th Anniversary Special And Peter Capaldi Covers The Latest Doctor Who Magazine


doctor who bannerThe Doctor Who 50th Anniversary will be here in just over three months time. The highly anticipated celebration written by Steven Moffat featuring Matt Smith and David Tennant as the Doctors completed filming recently, and now we all have to wait impatiently for a teaser trailer of some sort. While fans were treated to an amazing trailer at Comic-Con, the rest of us have to make due with trailer descriptions and other teasers from the Who team. David Tennant recently spoke with EW about filming the special and working with Matt Smith. The actor said coming back and working on the show was a little odd at first, but it was a unique experience. He uses James Bond as an example to show how two former leading men interacting can only happen in Doctor Who:

doctor who 50I suppose you’d expect me to say we’re new best friends and I love him like a brother, but that is sort of how it was. I had a fantastic time and that wouldn’t necessarily have been the case. I’m coming back onto a show that’s effectively somebody else’s show and used to be mine and that’s potentially quite a weird situation to be in. Going back to something I knew so well and had such fun memories of might have backfired. It’s a quite rare set of circumstances: Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig don’t get to play James Bond next to each other. But actually it felt familiar enough that it was like coming home and working with Matt proved to be a real joy. I hope I’m speaking for him when I say we really enjoyed bouncing of each other and playing sort of two aspects of the same character. It was everything that I hoped it might be and nothing that I feared it could be.

On the other side of the Doctor Who coin, Peter Capaldi is now opening up about being cast as the 12th Time Lord to inhabit the TARDIS. Doctor Who Magazine looks to have the first real word from the actor about taking the job. Capaldi will be the cover story for the new issue coming out this Thursday. We’ll just have to pick up the latest issue to see what the new Who has to say, but there is a pretty juicy quote on the cover. I’m sure you can read it below, but here it is just because:

We’re still exploring who the Twelfth Doctor is – but every one of the last 50 years will have helped make him.

Moffat said shortly after the announcement of the 12th Doctor that they had started mapping out Capaldi‘s first season and were hard at work on scripts. We’ll get a quick look at Capaldi when he makes his first appearance in the regeneration episode this Christmas, but hopefully we start to hear a little bit about the direction they’re going with the new Doctor soon. We also need to hear some teasers about what sort of costume the new Doctor will have, but let’s just make it through the 50th in one piece before we start going crazy about those possibilities. What do you think about the latest developments in the world of Who?



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