David Tennant On The Hobbit And His Desire For A Comic Book Movie Role: Mentions Mr. Fantastic


fantastic fourDavid Tennant has been staying pretty busy since he handed the keys to the TARDIS over to Matt Smith. The Doctor Who alum has starred in Fright Night, numerous TV series, and has even lent his voice to several animated flicks. His most current projects is The Spies of Warsaw which will premiere April 10th on BBC America. Collider got a chance to speak with the actor at length about Warsaw as well as a few other topics like the truth behind him being in talks for The Hobbit and if he’d like to star in a comic book movie.

A few years back when The Hobbit casting was starting up, Tennant‘s name was attached to a major elf role. Word was that the part may have been for Legolas‘ father. It was never confirmed or denied that Tennant was in talks. When asked about it, Tennant gave a diplomatic answer:

Oh, lots of things are talked about, at many different times and in many different stages. Things can work out, in a lot of different ways. One has to be diplomatic. The thing is, once a movie is made, it’s there and it exists. The people who play the parts are the people who play the parts, and that’s how it should be.

If you read between the lines, it seems that there were at least early rounds of talk for the part, but it probably fell through for some reason or other. Tennant was a little more straightforward when asked if he’d like to play a comic book character. He said he thinks he’s too old, but he would like to play Mr. Fantastic or a bad guy:

I don’t know which ones I would suit, really.  I can’t imagine who I could play.  I’m a bit old for a lot of them now, which is a terrible, alarming truth.  Who could I be?  I could probably still do Reed Richards – Mr. Fantastic.  I don’t know.  Villains are always great.  I’d be very happy to do a bit of that.  They’re the one growth industry in movies, at the moment, so it would be nice to do one, I suppose, as either the good guy or the bad guy.  The bad guys probably get the better lines, don’t they?  And they wear less spandex.  That would be quite good.

With Fantastic Four pre-production starting and no cast in place, is Tennant dropping a hint to those involved that he’d like to take part? The timing makes it seems that way at least. What do you think about David Tennant as Reed Richards?

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Source : Collider