David Tennant Claims He “Knows Nothing” About Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Plans


tennant bannerThere’s a reason “knows nothing” is in quotation marks. It’s a pretty safe bet that the former Doctor will take part in the 50th Anniversary plans in some form or fashion. Tennant appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show Saturday night to show off some naughty presents he received for Christmas from his wife Georgia Moffett (daughter of 5th Doctor Peter Davison) as well as promote some of his upcoming shows.

Jonathan Ross, like many of us, seems not to buy what Tennant’s been saying in the past about not knowing what’s up with the 50th. The host tried to slip Tennant up. The actor stated he was visited by a representative from the BBC to warn him not to say anything about Who even though he didn’t know anything about Who. You can check out the first round of questioning around the 2:00 mark. After talking about dealing with Who fame and his two upcoming projects Broad Church and Spies of Warsaw, Ross got  another Doctor Who jab in at the 8:16 mark. The chat concluded with Ross announcing Tennant and wife Georgia are expecting their second child. While not related to the 50th, that is great news for the couple. The Royal Family of Who is continuing to grow. You can check out the Tennant News blog for the final segment of the show where Tennant plays darts with Ross and the other guests.

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Source : TennantNews.Blogspot.Com