David Tennant Briefly Talks Doctor Who Anniversary Special And Paul McGann Addresses Rumors Of His Return


doctor who bannerThe Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special is quickly approaching. This November we will see Doctors 10, 11, and mystery Doctor but probably the real #9 (David Tennant, Matt Smith, and John Hurt respectively) facing off against Daleks, Zygons, and probably a lot more baddies in a script penned by showrunner Steven Moffat. There were just a few sequences shot outdoors, so everything done in a studio is a complete mystery to us. There are rumors that some of the old Doctors and possibly companions could be appearing in the special. Today a new interview with David Tennant and a series of Tweets from Paul McGann shed a little more light on the highly anticipated special.

Final Doctor Who for TennantDavid Tennant spoke with SFX on the set of his upcoming comedy, What we Did on Our Holiday starring Bill Connolly and Bond girl Roasamund Pike. Tennant dodged and weaved Who questions with skills even greater than when he himself was on the show. When asked what fans can expect from the episode and if it will be accessible to the less knowledgeable Whovians:

I think it is very unwise of me to tell any group of dedicated fans what to expect from this – or to spoil the fun [laughs]. In the end, it is going to be up to them to decide if they like this or not, but I don’t want to give anything away.

I just hope people will be excited by it. But I do not think this is necessarily exclusive, in terms of who it will appeal to. Doctor Who has managed to be a big success over the past few years by being very accessible to everyone. We have never been about going for a highly particular audience – although that audience is the reason Doctor Who has lived for 50 years – but rather to have a very broad appeal. I think that aspect is something that people will feel is quite evident in this special as well.

Tennant also revealed that he wasn’t surprised to be asked back, he was only surprised by how long it took for them to ask him back. He wouldn’t reveal much more about the upcoming story, or even what would come next. After the special, Matt Smith will regenerate in the Christmas episode. Tennant was asked if the next Doctor should be a female. He dodged that one with even more vigor and skill:

You are not going to get a quote from me on that. It will come back and bite me on the arse whatever I say! [laughs].

One of the most prevalent rumors about the special is that 8th Doctor Paul McGann would be taking part in the festivities in some way. With the 50th looking to explain a little about the Time War, some are thinking that McGann would pop up to regenerate into whatever version comes next and fill in some of the gaps left between his only appearance in Who and the premiere of the 9th Doctor. The actor answered some fans’ questions on his Twitter account (via DoctorWhoTV.Co.UK). It seems he’s not going to be involved:



In fairness, Moffat has lied and deceived to keep things secret so McGann could be doing the same. I’d honestly be surprised if he wasn’t involved in any way with the 50th. He is the only “Old school” Doctor who looks exactly as he did when he first took over the TARDIS. Hopefully all of the living Doctors will take part, but it will be a travesty if McGann isn’t involved. What do you think about McGann not coming back for the 50th?

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