David Morrissey Teases Season 4 Of The Walking Dead


governor bannerToday is Father’s Day, so it was fitting that a recent interview with David Morrissey popped up regarding the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. The Governor, as you can see above, is one of The Walking Dead‘s most hard working papas. Rick may be the most prominent father in the show, but he’s never had to deal with Carl trying to eat his face. Carl did shoot a guy in the face, but I digress. That’s my best attempt at trying to tie this into today’s holiday, so let’s just move on to the real story. David Morrissey recently took part in a video chat with the folks over at Gold Derby to talk about Season 3 of The Walking Dead and playing the psychotic Governor. Over the course of the 30 minute chat, Morrissey dropped a few little teasers about the upcoming season.

When last we saw the Governor, he was hightailing it out of the prison with two of his goons forced into a car with him. The Governor had a full-on nervous breakdown and ended up gunning down almost everyone else from Woodbury who came along for the raid. Morrissey talks about the Governor‘s decision to turn on his people and explains how it was a spur of the moment thing:

I feel if he would have had time to think about it, he wouldn’t have done it. At that point everyone was the enemy. He’s got to a point where the world is his enemy, anybody saying no is the enemy, anybody going against him is the enemy. He was in a traumatic place. He’s a man that is psychotically unhinged. He is psychotic. He’s been corrupted. His world is being corrupted. He’s not a well man. His actions, which are not premeditated…is not rational in any way. For me it was about the fact he just lost it. It’s a terrible thing to see. What we deal with now is how he deals with that. How he deals with something so unhinged and dramatic, the price he pays for that.

governorThe Governor of the TV show isn’t the complete cold-hearted villain we know from the comics, but he has started to become a pretty bad guy. Morrissey says that the events of the unsuccessful prison raid will deeply affect the Governor, as well as the rest of the characters, as season 4 starts. He touches on where we will find the Governor:

It leaves him like we saw him in that van as he was driving off. He’s in a volatile place, he’s in a place of deep trauma. He’s really unhinged. The story will be about how he deals with that. There’s definitely unfinished business as far as he’s concerned with Rick and the prison. That event at the end of season 3 will change him. How it changed him will be what we explore. That event…with all the characters…we’ll see how they change having had that experience at the end of season 3. There are new characters too. It’s very exciting.

If you’d like to check out the full 30 minute video interview, be sure to click over on the source link. One final interesting tidbit, the actor stated that working in the eye patch was difficult and threw him off quite a bit on set. He said he suffered horrible headaches from having to wear it for hours and hours on end. We’ve heard that the Governor won’t be a constant threat to Rick and his group this season, but we’ll still probably see a few more scrapes between the two group leaders through the course of the season. With the Governor wandering aimlessly in the wilderness trying to regroup, it will be interesting to see how he continues to take the fight to Rick. I’m thinking we might see him pop up and strike at the group a few times as things lead up to one big, final assault. The show has gone even farther from the comics, so it’s hard to guess what could happen. What do you think?

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Source : GoldDerby.Com