David Goyer Talks Blade, Justice League, Magneto, And Man Of Steel


goyer bannerDavid Goyer is no stranger to the comic book world as fans know. The screenwriter has worked on the likes of The Crow, the Blade trilogy, Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and the upcoming Man of Steel. He has been out promoting his upcoming new series on  Starz called Da Vinci’s Demons, but it wasn’t long before he was asked about his comic book movie work. Crave Online caught up with Goyer and got him to comment on several of his past and future projects.

Goyer adapted Blade for the big screen, launching the comic book movie craze and legitimizing the form in many people’s eyes. The scribe thinks a reboot is inevitable now that Marvel/Disney have the rights back: “I do, I do. Now that Marvel/Disney have recaptured the rights, I’m sure it will be [remade]. They made too much money on that character to not reboot him at some point.” Blade isn’t exactly a movie you’d think would work with Disney, but Goyer sees it as too big a property to just sit on the shelf- “I mean, look, between merchandise and what not, that little character generated almost a billion dollars.” If a Blade movie gets made though, don’t expect Wesley Snipes to portraying everyone’s favorite Human/Vampire hybrid. Goyers says there’s just “too much water under the bridge there.” It’s a well-known fact that Snipes didn’t get along well with people on the set. The last movie was a horror show of conflicting personalities.

The writer also kept one persistent rumor going when he refused to answer. Taking a note out of his friend Christopher Nolan’s playbook, Goyer played it close to the chest when asked about Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Batman in a Justice League movie, saying he could “absolutely not answer that question.” He may not have to answer that question if the rumors about JGL closing in on the Guardians of the Galaxy lead pan out. In another quick movie comment, Goyer talked about his attachement to a Magneto movie before First Class came about. He was disappointed that movie didn’t pan out, but said a lot of his stuff ended up in First Class

Goyer also spoke with Access Hollywood about Man of Steel. He didn’t reveal much, but he did tease the upcoming Superman movie saying he thinks it is the perfect movie for the times. What do you think about Goyer’s statements? Are you wanting a Blade Reboot? Should JGL be Batman in Justice League?

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Source : Crave Online