DAVID GOYER Says Warner Brothers Wants To Make Their Universe More Cohesive


dg115There are a lot of people who are always busy in Hollywood, with a steady stream of coming in to keep the pay checks coming in. However, there are a few who are so busy, they barely have time to stop and think. Usually the first person to come to mind in this regard is Guillermo Del Toro, who has his hands in various projects in all sorts of ways: writing, producing, directing, designing. He’s a busy man. There’s also another guy that Warner Brothers has on speed dial now days for their various project and that would be David Goyer, who is currently working on the yet-to-be titled Batman Vs. Superman, Sandman withe Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as the Constantine and DaVinci’s Demons television serious, among several others.

The writer/director/producer recently sat down to talk with the folks as IGN to discuss some of his projects and the conversation eventually found its way to the upcoming Man of Steel sequel and the direction that the studio is taking with future films, including the highly rumored Justice League film. It’s been thought for some time that WB would be attempting to set up a cinematic universe, much like Marvel has done in recent years. They have yet to confirm the concept, but there are endless clues and hints that suggest this is going to happen. With numerous television series being developed centered on various DC Comics characters, some have wondered whether those characters could make the move to the big screen in the future. Here’s what Goyer had to say on the subject:

 I mean, it’s too early. I know that Warner Bros. would love to make their universe more cohesive. There have been a lot of general conversations about that, but it’s really, really early. I’m not sure. Marvel has had enormous success, but I’m not sure that everybody should try to emulate them either. It’s just been vague conversations so far.

That answer is one that you’d pretty much expect to hear. It’s hard to believe that the execs at WB and DC Comics have not discussed the idea of creating a massive, cohesive film universe; especially after seeing the success that Marvel has had with the concept. It more or less comes down to how they approach the idea. Do they go the same route as Marvel and introduce each character separately and lead into a team-up film? Or do they do the opposite and include all the characters in a team film, then spin them off on their own? My money is on the latter of the two.

Like I said, I think it’s more a question of when on this, rather than if. They aren’t stupid and they know the benefits of making their films a cohesive unit, not necessarily the TV, though. What do you think, would you want WB to pull it all together into one universe? Or would you want it all separated? Be sure to check out the entire interview more info on Sandman and the grounded approach that comic book movies are taking.


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