David Goyer Says Superman Has To Deal With The Repercussions From Man Of Steel; Doesn’t Know What The Batman/Superman Title Will Be


batman-to-appear-in-the-man-of-steel-sequel-1A lot was made over the way Man Of Steel ended. Not only with the controversial way of disposing of Zod, but all the collateral damage in the film. Fans along with critics are wondering, did the movie go to over the top? While that topic will be debated for some time I’m sure, we have a new Man Of Steel movie to look forward to. And according to David Goyer, Superman will have some answering to do. “To a certain extent, Superman – cinematically – hadn’t been reinvented since the Donner films. We will be dealing with it in the coming film. He’s not fully formed in [Man Of Steel]. He will have to deal with the repercussions in the next film,” he explained. What those repercussions might be are still up in the air.

Some people have already started speculating however. With Batman joining The Man Of Tomorrow on the big screen some are wondering if Batman is going to be the one to make him answer for all the destruction in the first movie.

There are some questions about exactly how Batman will factor in, there are also some questions regarding the name of the film as well. Will it be called World’s Fainest, Superman And Batman, Superman vs. Batman? Goyer addressed the name of the film a by just saying, “We don’t know what we’re going to call it yet – Superman Vs Batman, Batman Vs Superman – but these two guys on screen, that’s happening.”

While there seems to be a lot more questions then answers right now, all that fans can do is speculate. Will Batman help Superman right from the start, will there be tension between the two, how does the rest of the Justice League figure into all of this? One thing is for certain, the thing DC fans have been waiting for ever since Iron Man teased Marvel’s cohesive universe, two characters are going to share the same screen, is finally coming to fruition. For the latest on the Superman/Batman movie, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Den Of Geek