Advance Review – Dark Matter #1


What do you do when you wake up to an alarm alerting you that your life support systems are nearly depleted, only to realize you don’t know who you are, where you are or why you’re there. That is the mystery that is unfurled in the first issue of Dark Horse Comics‘ new book: DARK MATTER. Minor Spoilers ahead, nothing too revealing. You have been warned.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA: The first issue takes place on a small ship, giving the feel of being tightly enclosed. The dark shadowing of the artwork really adds to the claustrophobic feeling, which really builds up tension among the cast.

WHO AM I: The cast of characters from the get go are all suffering from selective amnesia, which adds to the mystery of the book. Through small reactionary events we learn a little more about each character and a small glimpse of who they really are.

MYSTERY WRAPPED IN AN ENIGMA: The intrigue builds and builds and when an answer (in the form of a found android) may have been found, you discover that it only brings more questions to light, drawing you deeper into the mystery of who these people are and what is going on around them.

ART: The art is really a great fit for this book. Heavy black shadows are filled in with sketch-like strokes that lend a gritty, dirty feeling to the story and give things a sense of motion. To contrast with the heavy shadows, heavily lit scenes have a nice color wash on them with white areas between the color really giving off a nice sense of illumination, really well done.

EPISODIC: The pacing of the issue is good and reads like an episode of a television series; especially with that cliffhanger ending.


Nothing really to report as this is the first issue, there was something on the second to last page that had me a little confused at first but after looking at it a couple of times I understood what was going on.


DARK MATTER has the makings of a great sci-fi romp. The mystery and intrigue is there with tons of questions to keep readers hooked and coming back for more, especially with a cliff-hanger ending. Space, mystery and an android!

I’m sold, final verdict: ADD TO YOUR PULLBOX!

Written by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
Interior & Cover Art by Garry Brown
Colors by Ryan Hill

Enjoy this four-page preview.

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