A Dark Knight’s Tale: The Beginning of A Batman 75th!




It has finally come to pass…this only comes once in a lifetime. To see one of the greatest superhero franchises in comics like this celebrate a milestone anniversary such as this. Yes folks, Bats get his diamond anniversary accolade to his already silver-spooned billionaire alter-ego life. And for this to next year on, Comic Book Therapy will be taking it the rest of the way here. Talking from his first days on the block in 1939 to his first self title cover debut in 1940 and all cool things from there on… We begin our 75th anniversary tribute to BATMAN!!

Where do we start? Let’s drift back to good ole’ very late 1930’s, circa ’38-’39. Despite Europe in turmoil from mounting Nazi attacks and invasions in Poland, France, and on, Allied resistance is building from Britain and the US joining the fight as well. The ever increasing band of taking arms manufacture, and stockpiling of resources for the war effort fuel the American economy and help bring the US out of the Depression. In the world of pop culture, film and music continue to thrill us to no end with heroes in action, drama, and comedy alike with such stars as Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, to Charlie Chaplin, The Marx Brothers, and Laurel and Hardy, and with
vocal crooners and musicians like Louie Armstrong, Benny Goodman, and Nat King Cole Trio.


Legendary Influences, The Shadow (L) and Zorro (R)



In the world of animation and comics, cartoons such as classics from Disney, the Fleischer Brothers, Warner Brothers/Looney Tunes and King Feature Syndicate had taken flight and were reaping huge successes off comical legends like Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Bugs Bunny, and Betty Boop. Comics flourished in many a story and character as such(some inspired by radio plays and theatrical serials) with Flash Gordon, The Phantom, The Shadow, and of course, Superman (currently celebrating his 75th from last year). BUT, in 1939, along came a truly inspired hero, an avenger unique to its own concept; a boy born into a world of loving family, wealth, and privilege, marred later by unspeakable tragedy, further nurtured in the darkness of vengeance, to one day, become the most feared yet celebrated champion of his city, this world, and beyond...BATMAN!



Creators Bill Finger(L) and Bob Kane(R)


Batman was the inspired creation of writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. He was originally reputed as the crowning achievement inspired by characters as the aforementioned; The Shadow, The Phantom, and also, Zorro. In addition, he was also inspired by 1930 cult film classic Bat Whispers, and a da Vinci drawing for the classic “ornothopter” flying contraption, which inspired the style of his wings. His actual birth in project began with then DC Comics (known specifically as Detective Comics then) needing a new costumed hero to follow up to their Action Comics lineup with Superman. Taking from those inspirations, Bill Finger and Bob Kane, created a mysterious avenger whose dark-side approach to justice struck terror and rage in the hearts of minds of wrongdoers throughout the city. A character whose keen detective skills and near limitless resources made him a match, if not more, for all adversaries. Batman was born, first gracing the covers of Detective Comics Issue #27 in May of 1939.



First Appearances, 1939.



According to Wikipedia sources from Cavna, Michael (February 27, 2010). “Batman, Superman comic books set records for sale price”. The Washington Post. Archived from the original on April 21, 2012. Retrieved April 21, 2012, Batman was a instant sensation. “That superhero would eventually become the star of the title, the cover logo of which is often written as “Detective Comics featuring Batman”. Because of its significance, issue #27 is widely considered one of the most valuable comic books in existence, with one copy selling for $1,075,000 in a February 2010 auction.”


Further debuts and sidekicks(Robin first appearances), 1939-1940.



Beginnings of the Rogues Gallery: The Joker(L), The Penguin (C) and Two-Face(R).



The official side-titled debut of Batman continued with Detective Comics issue #35, The series went on with sidekick Robin being
introduced immediately on its third own-titled issue(Detective Comics #38). An origin was introduced later that year in 1939 in the
Detective Comics lineup with Batman becoming its own title in the spring of 1940. And Bat’s first supervillain, none other than The
Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker. Numerous other trademark villains from Bat’s Rogues Gallery would make their debut within
the first two years of its run, including the likes of The Penguin(1941) and Two-Face(1942). From then on, the path of the Caped
Crusader’s legacy was made! Countless titles of issues, books, TV shows and specials, and of course, FILM, other media and
merchandising, made the Dark Knight the legend he is today.


“Batman: Strange Days” – Bruce Timm’s Batman 75th Annversary Short (Official)



Comic Book Therapy is looking forward to an exciting year, bringing the best and coolest vibes on Bats throughout 2014 and onto spring 2015. Check out our great features including look-backs on Batman’s best and also uniquest incarnations in comics, on film and TV, and merchandising the same. Let the Bat-bration begin!


“Batman Beyond” – Darwyn Cooke’s Batman 75th Anniversary Short (Official)




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RIP Alfred, Efrem Zimablist, Jr. (1918-2014)


This feature is dedicated to the memory of Efrem Zimbalist, Jr,. famed TV and film star who in is later years, brought the voice life to the ever assured and fatherly butler of Wayne Manor, Alfred Pennyworth, in Batman: The Animated Series, and other DC/WB animated features starring Batman. Mr. Zimbalist passed away as of Friday, May 2nd, around the of time feature’s writing.  RIP Dear Alfred…we will miss you.





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