The Dark Knight Trilogy: Nolan Pitches The First Movie; Bale Auditions In Kilmer’s Batsuit


BatmanBeginsbannerTomorrow is a big day for Batman fans! When The Dark Knight Rises was released on blu-ray and DVD, Warner Brothers released all three movies at the same time in a box-set. Now, fans are bracing for another box-set, however this one will not only come with all three movies, but will also be loaded with extra features.

While some of the features we have known about, we are finally starting to get clips in from the collectors edition. The first clip is of the likes of Christopher Nolan, Jeff Robinov, and Greg Silverman talking about Nolan’s pitch to the studio about Batman Begins. In the video they talk about how the pitch only lasted a total of 15 minutes with Nolan saying he wanted to make the superhero genre a really genre in the movie industry.

The second video is particularly cool, and features Christian Bale auditioning for the role of Batman. While that doesn’t sound overly great, the costume he is wearing is. Warner Brothers dug deep into the Bat closet to pull out Val Kilmer’s old Batsuit from Batman Forever to screen test Bale. Not the first suit he wore early in the movie, but the Sonar Suit from the final battle with Two-Face and The Riddler. Another little interesting tid-bit is that future Lois Lane, Amy Adams, came in and screen tested with Bale, not because she was up for the role of Rachel, but as a favor to the production. Check out both videos below, and check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest.

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