Daredevil And Black Widow Pay The Merc With A Mouth A Visit In Deadpool #11


deadpool bannerDeadpool has been one of the surprise hits of Marvel NOW! Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn relaunched the regenerating degenerate and started things off with the ‘Pool facing off against the reanimated corpses of US Presidents. Duggan spoke with CBR for their X-Position column about the book and shared a few preview pages of issue #11. This issue will see Black Widow and Daredevil stopping by.

Along with the preview, Duggan also talked about how the flashback issues started. We recently saw Deadpool teaming up with a very drunk Iron Man from his Demon in a Bottle days. There are some more of those retro books in store and it sounds like the next one will feature Power Man:

We knew exactly what we were doing for the ’80s — [series editor] Jordan [D. White] pitched the inventory issue as a fun way to buffer the regular artists on the arcs. The idea was perfect to use an idea that Brian and I had for years, but we never thought we could work in: “The Legends Of Drunk Iron Man: The Armored Avenger’s Most Intoxicating Tales.” It turned out to be a great issue — there was a lot of heart on the page in the way that Deadpool helped Tony out. During the creation of that issue we said we’d liked to keep doing it, and Scott [Koblish] had unprompted e-mailed a “style guide” of Deadpool of different eras. We were floored. We knew we could write an issue for each drawing — there’s about six or seven of them. No, you may not see it. Someday maybe it will be a cool extra in a trade paperback or if we’re lucky an omnibus or something.

Brian really spent some time re-reading some “Power Man” issues for #13. It’s really fun. A lot of the credit of the “feel” of these books belongs to Scott and [colorist] Val [Staples]. Brian and I do things like use thought balloons and there’s a sassy caption box in the ’70s issue, but again — you have to give those guys the credit for making it feel real. And credit Jordan for the initial idea, and then protecting it through the process.

Duggan also discussed the upcoming Deadpool adventure that will have Captain America and Wolverine reluctantly teaming up with our favorite mercenary:

There is a very specific and immediate threat to Deadpool, but it has much broader implications for the Marvel Universe. Deadpool is important to some bad people for the wrong reasons. Once the stakes become clear Cap and Logan realize that even though it’s not their fight — they would be wise to try and nip whatever’s going on right in the bud.

You can read the rest of the interview with Duggan where he answers some fan questions by clicking here. Below you’ll find preview pages for issue #11 featuring a cover by Tradd Moore and interior art from Mike Hawthorne. What do you think about Daredevil and Black Widow popping up in Deadpool‘s corner of the Marvel Universe? Have you been digging the new Deadpool run so far?

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Source : CBR