Danai Gurira Talks Walking Dead Casting

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Danai Gurira was announced on live TV last Sunday on The Talking Dead as being our new Michonne. We’ll get our first look at Gurira in action in Season 3. She wasn’t in the season finale when we first laid eyes on the mysterious sword wielding Bad-A with two zombies in tow, they had not cast her yet so a stand-in was used. She was finally allowed to talk about her secret casting after Robert Kirkman announced it to the masses, and The Hollywood Reporter got a few words with the actress. You can read the full interview by following the previous link, but here is a rundown for what Ms. Gurira said.

When asked what it was like to land the role and keep it a secret during the week before the finale

I’d never really watched it before I got the audition and I got to really get acquainted with it during these last few weeks and fell completely in love with it. I’m absolutely hooked. I felt desire really deeply to be a part of it. When I got to work with the producers one day and came back for the test I fell more in love with the show and wanted it more. It’s been a pretty intense week.

She also touched on how Michonne will translate on screen compared to the comics.

I understand the way she is drawn in the graphic novels — she’s so amazing. I’m excited to embody that and be a badass. I’ve always yearned to do that. I’m really thrilled she already has so much support.I’m being sent them (the comics) now. I was reading snippets I could get online. I’ve been doing a lot of research prior to getting the part in preparation to get to know the world and the force of this amazing story. I watched Season 1 and I was blown away and was trying to get to know more. I’ll be doing that this week.

I’m going to develop that with [showrunner] Glen Mazzara and the whole creative team. They have their own take on the source material. I’m going to be meeting with them next week to get an understanding of what their take is and how she grows and develops. I’ll find out the answer to that in the coming weeks in terms of exactly how she will map out with what she is in the books vs. what she will be on the screen. I’ll be learning as I go in some regards. I do know that she remains an absolute badass and I will be training with katana swords. I’m really excited about that.

Of course, the inevitable question arose about if she was a comic book fan before she got one of the most iconic roles in The Walking Dead World

Back in the day I used to read Archie but I haven’t been a comic book aficionado. I love a great story though, whatever realm that’s in.

Wrapping things up, she talks about feeling some pressure with such a big role

I definitely feel pressure but I’m ready to take the character on. I’m excited that she has an amazing following and team of creators and writers. I’m up for the challenge.

Of course that wasn’t her in the finale, but what an entrance! Danai Gurira looks very similar to how Michonne is drawn in the comics and she goes on to say in the interview that she had had some sword training for her theater work, but was going full force into katana training so I think the fans will be happy with what she’s bringing to the table. I for one am psyched with the character’s introduction and cant’ wait for all the awesomeness we’ve heard teased about what’s coming in Season 3! What do you think?

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Source : Hollywood Reporter