Dan DiDio’s Wall Seems To Confirm NEW 52: FIVE YEARS LATER


DC co-publisher Dan DiDio has pretty much confirmed a big rumor that has been circulating for the last month or two- DC is planning a time skip in the New 52. A rumor about something called Five Years Later has been circulating, saying DC‘s next big event in 2014 will see the entire universe skipping ahead a full five years. The New 52 rebooted everything and gave us characters who haven’t been in the super heroics game long, but apparently DC want things to be a little more established come 2014. Whether the change will be permanent or not is not know at this time, obviously. The confirmation came in DC‘s latest All Access YouTube series.

DiDio discusses some of the publisher’s upcoming plans in the latest installment of the weekly series, mainly talking about the upcoming weekly series Batman: Eternal and teasing some other weekly series yet to be announced. When DiDio points to his office wall, that’s when the big reveal takes place. Hanging up is numerous logo treatments for Five Years Later. DC had a One Year Later storyline following Infinite Crisis, but this new event points to a much larger event. There have been hints that big things will happen in five years. Most noticeably was Lex Luthor‘s comments in Forever Evil that his Superman cloning project, which resulted in Bizzaro, was five years from completion. While we’ll still have to wait and see what exactly the five year jump will entail, we can definitely start speculating now that DiDio has opened the floodgates. You can watch the full video below to see things for yourself. What do you think? Does DiDio‘s wall hold any other clues?
five year

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Source : DC All Access