Dan DiDio Talks Batwoman: JH Williams III And WH Blackman Leaving Sooner Than Expected


batwomanIt has been a crazy couple of days since JH Williams III, W. Haden Blackman, and the rest of team Batwoman announced they would be calling it quits due to repeated eleventh hour editorial interference. The team said they would be leaving with issue #26 so they could conclude the story they had planned. It turns out that Dan DiDio will be showing them the door even earlier. DC‘s Co-Publisher was at Baltimore Comic-Con and talked about the Batwoman controversy…well, he talked around it at least.

Bleeding Cool had a rundown of DiDio‘s comments on the subject during the DC panel at the convention. Here’s a bullet point list of what the site is reporting:

  • Firstly, Dan DiDio stated that there were complaints when she started as a lead character in 2006 but that DC continues to support her as a character to this day. That she’s a hero first, and that being gay is “a part of who she is.”
  • She’s clearly a member of the Bat family, and that as a result she shouldn’t have a happy personal life. That she’s committed to defending others at the sacrifice of personal instincts and personal lives. So its important to establish their personal lives, but then they have to set them aside.
  • He says he stands beside their choices 100% and asks us to name one other publisher committed to a character in that fashion.
  • DiDio has also announced that Marc Andreyko is the new writer of Batwoman starting with issue 25, with a new storyline as part of the Batman universe and a Zero Year issue.

Williams and Blackman won’t get one more issue to conclude their story. They’ll be off the book with #25 and Marc Andreyko will take over and start a new storyline. Hopefully that doesn’t affect Williams and Blackman‘s plans too much and they can still work out a fitting conclusion to their run. While DiDio may have a point about the Bat family having not-so-happy personal lives, a good storyteller could use something like a marriage and get a lot of drama and great story out of it. A new writer has been announced but I think it’s safe to say the drama isn’t over.

The Batwoman story has taken on a life of its own this week. Although Williams and DC have said the issue wasn’t over GAY marriage but just marriage for a comic book character as a whole, that’s the aspect that digital, print, and even TV media outlets have picked up on. DiDio does many questionable things as one of DC‘s top dogs, but let’s keep in mind it was only a comic book character getting married that caused the problem and not the sexual orientation of the character. The company have been receiving a lot of nasty letters and even threats of bodily harm since the news hit. So once again we all need to say “cool it you crazy group of people on the web.” What do you think about DiDio‘s comments? Are you surprised Williams and Blackman are out one issue sooner than they had planned?

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Source : Bleeding Cool