Dan Abnett Talks GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY And His Comic Book Prelude


guardians of the galaxy banner imageEven though Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, better known as DnA to fans, aren’t writing partners anymore they are teaming up to tell one more Guardians of the Galaxy story together for Marvel and director James Gunn. The duo agreed to tackle the movie prelude comic for Gunn‘s film because they were so impressed with the director while visiting the set of the movie we’ve been hearing so much about this week. After that they will be tackling some cosmic stories on their own. Abnett recently spoke with CBR about the prelude comic and his thoughts concerning the film.

Abnett remained very tight-lipped about the prelude’s story, other than the fact that it ties into the upcoming film, but he did tease a few of the things we’ll see in the two-issue story with artist Wellinton Alves:

Because the movie is taking the comic and adapting it to movie form the characters will appear to be very recognizable, but they’re not in quite the same continuity as the comics. Since this material is based on the movie there are a lot of references and likenesses.
Issue #1 is a Nebula story, which involves a lot of the other characters from the movie. Issue #2 is a Rocket and Groot story. So these stories introduce some of the regular and supporting characters and set up some of the elements of the film.

dnaBoth Abnett and Lanning visited the set for Gunn‘s film at least twice and saw scenes being filmed as well as some rough cuts of footage.It sounds like Gunn opened the entire production to the duo and let them really have the run of the place:

I got an initial look at the film back when they were in preproduction. So I got to see a lot of design work, read the scripts, and all sorts of exciting things like that. Then I went back in the summer of last year. I went on set and met the characters in flesh and blood! I got to climb in the space ships and do all sorts of stuff. So that was very exciting. I’m very confident that this is going to be a memorable, exciting, and very entertaining film.

The writer goes on to say it’s a real honor to have something he was so invested in translated into a film and he thinks it will really connect with audiences even though it doesn’t have the name recognition of something like The Avengers. Combining a few of Abnett‘s quotes about the film:

[W]hat’s happening with “Guardians” is very exciting. The film is going to be great. I can’t wait to actually see it. I’ve had previews and have been privy to some information I’m not able to talk about, and it’s going to be spectacular. So it’s really nice that it’s related so closely to the work I did in that time period on the run on the “Annihilation” stuff and “War of Kings.”
I’m incredibly grateful and honored that the run of comics we did has made an impact. At the time we were doing them they were successful critically because they were lovely comics and the readers of “Guardians of the Galaxy” were properly devoted to it and thought very highly of it. It wasn’t a huge breakout hit in terms of the Marvel Universe though.
So when I was told the wonderful sequencing of the ongoing movie program was going to branch out to the cosmic and be that, and not only be that but was going to be based on that line up and tone I couldn’t believe it. I really couldn’t. It was immensely rewarding to discover that something I had done and thought “people liked that at the time, but they’ll forget about it” has actually made a big impact in terms of the structure of Marvel’s output.
I think it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens because the movies so far have always been about characters that are very recognizable to the general public as well as comic readers. Whereas “Guardians” is a bit more obscure and I think it’s going to be fun for people to go in and say, “I don’t know what this is” and then just be blown away by what happens. They’ll see how the connective tissue works with other movies, how this is happening at the same time as other things, and fall in love with this group of oddball characters who I always treated as underdogs.

While DnA are no more it’s nice that the movie prelude will be their last big hurrah. Something they built up and turned into a cult classic is getting the big screen treatment, it’s fitting that everything comes full circle for the writers. All of the Guardians stuff is big for the duo, but Abnett says he has some more Marvel work on the horizon that he can’t talk about just yet. So it sounds like we’ll be seeing a lot more Abnett, and possibly Lanning, in the Marvel comic world this year. You can click the source link to see a little more from the writer. What do you think about Abnett‘s comments?




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Source : CBR