‘Creative Differences’ Led To Matt Fraction Exiting The INHUMAN Series


inhumanAfter Infinity and Inhumanity!, a new Inhumans monthly series was set to launch with Matt Fraction at the helm. The series would expand the Inhuman‘s place in the Marvel Universe and set them up as important players rivaling the mutant population. Last month Marvel announced that the series would be delayed and re-solicited for April. No reason was given, but a few weeks later it was revealed that Matt Fraction was no longer writing the series and Charles Soule would take over. Joe Madureira would stay on art though. Today CBR spoke with all the involved parties to get to the bottom of the split. It’s actually kind of bland compared to the more sensational writer departures we’ve seen this year.

The series as originally planned would go through the fallout of Black Bolt unleashing the Terrigen Mists to awaken the Inhuman gene in long lost descendents of the scattered tribes all over the earth. Fraction described it as a “Game of Thrones” type of story that would rip the Inhuman royal family apart. Many saw Marvel‘s plans as a way to let the Inhumans take the mutant’s place in many ways since Marvel Studios can’t use mutants. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso talked about the editorial differences that led to Fraction’s departure:

This is just an instance where we — meaning Marvel and the writer, Matt Fraction — came to the realization that we weren’t on the same page, we probably never would be, and no one would benefit if we tried to force it to work. The series that Matt wanted to write would have been good, no doubt about it, but it was not the series we need to lay the foundation for this new universe within the Marvel Universe.
The reason this [creative shift] came about a bit late is because of the mutual respect we’ve built over ten-plus years, and, well, because we really wanted it to work out.

Fraction agreed that it was an amicable, probably frustrating, but amicable split as far as things like this can go:

As un-dramatic and uninteresting as it sounds, my version of ‘Inhuman’ wasn’t what they were into and, y’know, it’s their company. It’s a legit case of ‘creative differences’ in spite of everyone’s best intentions. After what? Five or six months where this has been my primary focus and we’re still not on the same page — I can’t say they didn’t try, they can’t say I didn’t try, and at some point, you gotta move on. It happens. It didn’t make sense to continue working together on this book. I was not fired. I am not fired. I am still employed. We are all still friends. ‘Inhuman’ is a really big deal for all involved. You need to be moving as one.

So it seems Fraction had a vision he wanted to see through, but Marvel wanted something different (possibly a little more commercial) to help put the Inhumans in the position they needed to be in for their future plans with the property. Whether those plans involve movies or just bigger comic storylines, we’ll have to wait and see. Fraction has put all his time and effort into Inhumanity and Inhuman for the past year or so, stepping away from Fantastic Four and FF to dedicate himself to the series. Charles Soule is a great writer, but this will always be one of those “what if” stories now. At least everyone agreed to disagree and moved on. You can read Soule‘s take on the entire ordeal at the source link. It’s kind of refreshing considering the way some other writer departures have gone. What do you think about Fraction leaving Inhuman?

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