Covers, Preview Art, And News From Marvel’s Daredevil Liveblog


To say that Mark Waid’s run on Daredevil is popular would be a big understatement. The series has 6 nominations for the 2012 Eisner Awards as well as a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list. Waid along with artist Paolo Rivera and Chris Samnee have gotten massive amounts of attention. “Madman” creator Mike Allred wrote a letter to the editor in a recent issue praising the series, and is coming aboard for a one-off issue.

Marvel held a Liveblog discussing Daredevil with the whole team taking part. Below, you can see the cover for #15 as well as three pages of interior art, the cover for #16 by Chris Samnee, the cover for #17 by Mike Allred, and the cover for #18 by Paolo Rivera.

Rivera has been an amazing artist for Daredevil, creating some of the most fantastic art in recent years for any book. His covers are amazing, I have the Moleman cover hanging on my wall. Rivera isn’t going to be doing regular art for Daredevil anymore, sadly, but he will be doing covers. Samnee will be stepping in as the regular artist for the interior work. Rivera teased what he would do post-Daredevil. This month also marks his 10 year anniversary as a Marvel artist.

I’m still going to do some ‘Daredevil’ covers, whatever Steve Wacker throws my way and then I’m going to try some creator-owned projects

We’re going to see more Daredevil and less Matt Murdock starting with issue 14. Waid talks about what he told artist Chris Samnee:  “He’ll be happy to know I have more Daredevil and less Matt Murdock. Starting with issue #14, he really starts to kick into gear with his Daredevil skills.

Black Cat has appeared in some issues leading up to The Omega Effect as a love interest of sorts, and Waid says we will see her dropping in on Matt Murdock again in issue #18.

Also, Waid drops some interesting hints on the second year and how Foggy will play into it.

You know how Foggy has been the one guy staring at Matt when everybody else has given him a pass? Well…Foggy is not completely wrong. Foggy may or may not be severely redeemed in the next year. The question of whether or not Matt is crazier than he lets on will drive the second year of the book. There is a fracture coming in the Murdock & Nelson team, and it hurts both of them. Foggy’s suspicions may or may not be redeemed in the coming year. The specter of whether or not Matt is crazier than he lets on … is what drives the second year of the book.

On Mike Allred’s one-off issue, Waid revealed he would be drawing a certain DD foe- Stilt Man! Allred said “Leave it to Mark Waid to give Stilt Man his due!”

On the face of it, a very goofy costume and very goofy schtick. On the other hand, if you were at the bottom of one of those legs being pinned down to the floor of the Hudson River, this would not seem like a silly superpower to you. I’m just saying.


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Source : Marvel Liveblog