Could Armie Hammer Be The Next Batman?


This should be filed under rumor for now, but word on the street is that Armie Hammer is back on WB and DC’s radar for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. You might remember that he was extremely close to playing the Bat in the failed George Miller Justice League film back in mid 2000. That film was mere days away from shooting when a variety of circumstances caused it to be scrapped. Hammer has always expressed regret that role never came to fruition, but he may just get another shot.

According to MovieHole, Hammer’s rising star has placed him back on the radar. As we know, Justice League will recast Batman and may even reintroduce the character in his early years altogether. Taylor Kitsch is also rumored to be on the list, but with his box office flops in both John Carter and Battleship, it would take something major happening in the next while to make him a logical choice. With Hammer getting ready to headline Disney’s The Lone Ranger, as well as his more recent film successes, he is a more realistic choice.

According to MovieHole, there is one downside according to the souce- “[T]he Batman in this movie might only be used in Justice League movies.There have been rumors that the Justice League film would have stars that might not make it to the next movie about their character.

What do you think? Would you want to see Armie Hammer taking up the cowl in Justice League?

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Source : Movie Hole