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Welcome back to Cosplay Spotlight! For the second edition we present to you Sparky Cosplay! As usual, our promise is to bring  you some of the amazing work these cosplayers do, but also we will be focusing on the why’s and the how’s!

Sparky Cosplay is a  21 year old cosplayer that hails from the south! She loves all things geek and cosplay. According to her she loves to model and hang out at cons.  She also works for Cosplay Shinkou as a content coordinator and promotional rep! Cosplay Shinkou is an up and coming magazine that launches in January 2013! Check out their Facebook page: Cosplay Shinkou and website: Subscriptions have started!


Comic Book Therapy – Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us. How have you been doing lately?
Sparky Cosplay – I am doing well thank you!

CBT – What got you into doing cosplay?
S.P. – I would have to say that the love for anime, manga, gaming, and comic books did. It’s just a wonderful way to express your fandom and connect with new people.

CBT – What is your process in choosing the characters you want to portray?
S.P. – When I choose my characters, I look at three main things. One: I want to KNOW the character. To me, it’s a lot tougher to cosplay something you have never heard of. It makes it harder to get into character. So, When it comes time for me to choose a character, I will either watch the show, play the game, or read the comic/manga. Two: I look for characters I relate to and have a strong sense of connection with. I want to make the character come to life. So, it has to mean something to me. Three: I want to have fun. Whatever character I choose, I want it to be something I am proud of and enjoy.

CBT – What was the first character you cosplayed as? Your favorite?
S.P. – The first character I cosplayed as was Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. I related to her a lot and as a female heroine, she was right up my alley. I have to say my favorites are tied among Sweet Pea, Neiel, and Pheonix. Lightning will always hold a special place in my heart though.

CBT – How long have you been making your costumes by hand?
S.P. – I have only been in cosplay for about two years now so just this last year I started making my own and such. Lightning was a bought cosplay at first but has been taken apart and put back together so many times now.

CBT – Creating costumes is very time consuming, especially when you want to make sure it’s authentic as possible. What keeps you motivated to continue and how do you handle the stress?
S.P. – What keeps me motivated is both my love for the art and being an example. I love the artistic freedom cosplay gives me. It’s my way of paying respects to the creator’s the the series’ characters. I also want to set a good example for females in cosplay. I want to show them it’s okay to be a girl and be a nerd at the same time. I get told a lot that I don’t look like someone who cosplays. lol And I think, “Well what am I supposed to look like?” I don’t want other girls to go through it alone. So, I try to set an example.

CBT – Have you participated in any contests?
S.P. – I have! My first was at SukoshiCon in Anniston. AL. My friend Erika and I received Best Group with our Tifa and Lightning. My second was at KamiCon 2012 (my first convention in 2011), in which our Sucker Punch group was awarded Judges Pick. My most recent was at NerdaCon V7 a little over a week ago. We recieved Crowd Favorite with My Female Captain America (dubbed the Captainess) and my friends Steampunk Captain America. He also proposed to my rommie on stage. So, to be a part of that was an award in itself.

CBT – What is your best Con memory?
S.P. – I have to say my best con memory is my first convention: KamiCon 2011. For the first time in my life I had met people who loved the same things I did and shared the same interests. I made a con family that I love with all my heart. We have a name: The Book Tour of Awesome. (long story haha) If it wasn’t for them, I may not have continued in cosplay. Not to mention Kami is a WONDERFUL con that I have nothing but good things to say about. The staff is golden, the guests are always so nice, and the whole convention in it’s whole is a blessing to attend. So, Kami, where it all started, is all in all my favorite convention memory.

CBT – Cosplaying various characters must’ve given you a lot of geek credibility. How would you describe yourself as a geek?
S.P. – As a geek, I like to think I am well versed and rounded. I try not to stick to one in particular genre. I watch anime, try to play all kinds of games, and read manga and comics. I don’t like fake geeks. So, I try to keep up with all things geek culture, that way when someone quizzes me, I can hold my own. XD

CBT – There were a lot of great comics and events that’s been coming out. Have you read any this past year?
S.P. – I have! I have read Civil War and am starting Death of The Family. My friend also bought me one of the Grimm Fairytale comics called Wonderland. Which is amazing. I plan on doing a cosplay from that series. I have been looking into the New 52 and reading some Nightwing as well. I am most excited for the New Amazing Spider-man and Marvel Now.

CBT – Cosplayers are vital and very popular at conventions. Is there a network that cosplayers established to assist each other?
S.P. – Yes! We have quite a few ways. One that I personally have is a Con Family. It’s a tight knit group of people who travel together and cosplay together. It cuts down on expenses and if you get in a bind with your cosplay they are there to stare at it with you while you try to decide what to do. Other ways are forums, Face Book Groups and pages, and so on. Pretty much every form of communication.

CBT – Any advice you would like to offer up and coming cosplayers?
S.P. – Yes! Don’t be afraid! I know SO many people who talk to me about cosplay saying they are afraid of hat people will think and how they are afraid to step out of their normal self. As long as you are having fun and being yourself (in a sense), I wouldn’t worry about what other people think. I know I don’t. It was hard at first, but now I don’t even think about it. I love what I do and it’s okay if some people don’t understand.You grab that favorite character and get out there! Cosplay is not limited to race or gender. It’s meant for ALL to enjoy! You would really be surprised at who actually cosplays. So NO FEARS!

CBT – Thank you so much for your time. Anything else you’d like for us to be on the look out for?
S.P. – I sure do! I work for a cosplay magazine that is coming out in January! It’s called Cosplay Shinkou! It is a cosplay magazine FOR cosplayers, BY cosplayers. We cover conventions, showcase tutorials, as well as feature articles about cosplay. Of course we throw in some game, comic, and anime reviews and previews. We are all super excited to be bringing something that will bring cosplayers together and share our love for the art with one another. We are taking subscriptions right now! So, check us out on FaceBook and


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Photo Credits:
Female Captain America and Neliel- Bentpic5
Sweet Pea- Emerald Coast Cosplay
Pheonix- Affliction Cosplay Photography


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