Cosplay Spotlight: Lady Catherine


Welcome back to Cosplay Spotlight! For the fifteenth edition we present to you Lady Catherine! As usual, our promise is to bring  you some of the amazing work these cosplayers do, but also we will be focusing on the why’s and the how’s!


My Name is Catherine and I have been creating costumes and characters for years! When my daughter were young they discovered Anime and started attending conventions. They cosplayed from the begining, showing me pictures of their characters and I would create the costumes. A few years ago they talked me into cosplaying with them and opened a whole new world to me!
As a fan of comics and comic book movies I drifted toward the kickass characters the most.
As far as the Military goes, I have always been a patriot. My daughter choose to pursue a career in the Army as an Apache pilot and I couldn’t be prouder! I have been a USO volunteer for years and nothing makes me happier then seeing the smile on a service members face when they eat a sandwich or “finally get a Mountain Dew”.
Having modeled off and on for years I am able to combine a bunch of my interests and create art. Somedays I am a military pin up, other Days a trained assasin and all the time getting to stretch my creative soul!
Thank you so much for joining me on this ride.


Comic Book Therapy – Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us. How have you been doing lately?

Lady Catherine – Hello! So excited to have this opportunity to chat with you guys. Life has been crazy busy lately.


CBT – What got you into doing cosplay?

LC – Really my kids (twin daughters). They are huge anime fans and gamers (I had a small additction problem with Super Mario Brothers myself). When they got tickets to attend their first anime convention (Anime Expo 2004) they both brought me pictures of the characters they wanted to be (Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho and a Chocobo from FF) and we went to work creating costumes. I have been a model/artist and had a small business making hats and girls clothing so this was just fun….a few years later they convinced me to join them :)


CBT – What is your process in choosing the characters you want to portray?

LC – Well the first part in choosing a character is getting to know the character. There are characters that I find visually appealing but I don’t like them or the movie/game etc they were in, so I move on. Next I try to find artists renditions that will work with my body type and whose costuming appeals to me. If it is a character that is in a movie then I will look at the costumers sketches for the character, if I can find them, and research the fabric used. In a whip version (one to two days, I just work with what I have laying around the house mainly)


CBT – What was the first character you cosplayed as? Your favorite?

LC – My first Character I feel I truly cosplayed Was Queen Gorgo from the Movie 300.

My first Character I Cosplayed at a con was Alice in Wonderland from Kingdom Hearts (Anime Expo 2009). My favorites seem to be all Villians! I loved playing Harley from Arkham Asylum, a Silent Hill Nurse, a little known character, Lady Vic, from DC’s Secret Six….okay I just love everyone I get to transform into!!!


CBT – How long have you been making your costumes by hand?

LC – I have always made my costumes with the exception of American Dream…which I bought for a Halloween Party and then began modifying.


CBT – Creating costumes is very time consuming, especially when you want to make sure it’s authentic as possible. What keeps you motivated to continue and how do you handle the stress?

LC – I don’t stress about the authenticity so much as finishing it on time! Although my daughters have run into folks that can be hypercritical because they are so dedicated to their particular fandom, that hasnt been my experience.


CBT – Have you participated in any contests?

LC – Only non con related only Halloween Related. Queen Gorgo won first place and I won a $100 as well as my Jessica Rabbit but let’s face it, Halloween contests in general, you are only competing against store bought silliness for the most part.


CBT – What is your best Con memory?

LC – One of my first Con Memories is when a man asked me if he could take pictures, I said sure (as Alice) my daughters held my bags and then he said, “Damn now if I could get my wife to dress like that!” my kids were horrified and I couldnt stop laughing. I think the most amazing moment was when I saw someone cosplaying a character I wasn’t familar with, that had created wings that could open to an 8 foot wing span! I talked to them and they said they based it on how lawn chairs open!! I am just so amazed by all of the talent around me every time I go!!


CBT – How would you describe yourself as a geek?

LC – Hmmm…well I was a big Xman fan growing up, I loved the power Jean Grey had and the internal fight she had going on….(and her costumes) I played video games (starting with…..Pong! LOL), watched Star Trek after school and have a Brother named Luke so this just seems a natural extension


CBT – There’s been a lot of turmoil because of the “sexual” component that is being discussed amongst convention organizers that sees many cosplayers getting asked to put some more clothes or turned away because their costumes are to “risque”. How do you feel about the apparent censorship of these costumes?

LC – Gosh that is hard. I have heard people complain about girls just wearing very little to get attention and you see some of that with some girls randomly wearing bikinis. It is frustrating when you see an amazing costume and it doesn’t get as much attention because it isn’t revealing. At the same time, if you love the character and you have the guts to pull off the artist’s rendition then go for it.


CBT – There were a lot of great comics and events that’s been coming out. Have you read any of those evens?

LC – I tend to read books more (sci fi and action) and Go see all the Comic Movies! I cannot wait for all of the new Superhero flicks coming especially the Avengers! I also love the sarcasm and tortured heroes like Iron Man and Spider Man. I am also enjoying the Walking Dead and am reading and watching…can’t get enough!! I love zombies!


CBT – Cosplayers are vital and very popular at conventions. Is there a network that cosplayers established to assist eachother?

LC – Well when I started a modeling and photography group with an awesome Photographer that spent years in the comic industry, Allen Freeman, we discovered there was a whole wonderful world of amazing cosplayers that needed people to take pictures. I schedule shoots based on everything from post apocalyptic video games to shoots with the Batmobile to Loli style! Our network of skilled photographers and cosplayers keeps growing! (Inland Empire Models and Photographers Club)

Everyone helps inspire each other to greater heights


CBT – Any advice you would like to offer up and coming cosplayers?

LC – oh gosh, um, don’t fall to pieces if it doesnt come out perfect and have fun (and bring a glue gun and safety pins)


CBT – Thank you so much for your time. Anything else you’d like for us to be on the look out for?

LC – Yes! Starting in January, the Magazine I just did a calendar for, Sweet Dreams Magazine is taking submissions for their Sweet^playful Dreams Issue. The theme is cosplay,comics and video games so if you have what it takes to be in the magazine make sure you have your photographer submit your photo!! It’s going to be about 100 pages long and comes out in late Feb or if you Love Cosplay “Like” the page so you can get the updates!!!

Thank you guys so much I am VERY honored to be a part of this :)

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