Cosplay Spotlight: Cynthiatron


Welcome to another Cosplay Spotlight.

This time we got to talk to Tucson’s own Cynthiatron! Check out what this beautiful chica has to say.

Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us. How have you been doing lately?
I’ve been awesome!

What got you into doing cosplay?

I’m a seamstress and I enjoy con going, they just went together. I’ve been sewing for a few years and even started a degree in Fashion design. I love sewing, I want to make stuff all the time! Also, the community rules.

What is your process in choosing the characters you want to portray?

It could be anywhere from being a longtime favorite character, loving a design of a costume, or both!

What was the first character you cosplayed as? Your favorite?

I first cosplayed a Female Hawkeye(Marvel) at SDCC a couple years back. That one was a lot of fun! I even walked around with a little Deadpool plushie I made. But my favorite has to be Chun-Li so far, she’s been a favorite character of mine. She’s a tough chick and was the only female character in Street Fighter for a long time. Plus, it’s one of those characters that I think fits my body type. If it’s ok for Chun-Li to have big thighs, then I can too haha!


How long have you been making your costumes by hand?

I’ve been sewing since I was a little Cynthia. I used to make clothes for all my plushies and barbies. But doing cosplay for about 4 years.


Creating costumes is very time consuming, especially when you want to make sure it’s authentic as possible. What keeps you motivated to continue and how do you handle the stress?

CAFFINE! CAFFINE! CAFFINE! Surrounding myself with awesome people. I’m pretty sure all creative people have a routine that they go through when making stuff. Set up, start, gogogo, that weird point where everything is 50% done/not done(It’s the glass is half full/empty thing), the freak out, and what the heck i’m done?! Then it’s convention time!


Have you participated in any contests?
None yet!

What is your best Con memory?

Oh man, probably when I got asked if I was Wonder Woman and I wasn’t even in costume. It’s the big hair.
Or when I met Jim Lee, turned into a nervous wreck, and all I could talk about was Aquaman.

There’s been a lot of turmoil because of the “sexual” component that is being discussed amongst convention organizers that sees many cosplayers getting asked to put some more clothes or turned away because their costumes are to “risque”. How do you feel about the apparent censorship of these costumes?

I totally support a cosplayer going the extremist route. May it be armored, changing your personal look, or wearing the more daring sexy costume. It all depends when and where you are wearing it. Like I totally understand turning down a Vampirella on a Sunday “Family Day” at a con. I would like to one day when I have my kids, be able to take them to a con without having to cover their eyes every 5 seconds because of all the wedgies that walk by. I could stand by that reasoning to turn down cosplayers in those situations.

Then there’s the idiots that think it’s excusable to put cosplayers in a position where it’s okay to make rude remarks or even physically harass them. Which is SAD, we’re supposed to be a community of people that ran away from harassment to unite at these conventions for US. I think as long as this is being made aware, maybe the harassment could end?
I had a guy pick me up and try to kiss me at a con before, it freaked me out! I called him out on it in-front of a crowd to let him and everyone know that kind of behavior is not acceptable. I had people backing me up and the guy walked away defeated.
For every 1 weirdo I get, I have a days worth of awesome people that genuinely appreciate my work and that makes it all worth it.

Many Cosplayers are either into Comic Books or Manga/Anime. What are you most into? Favorite Comic or Manga/Anime?

Comic books & Video games :)! I have so many favorite everything it’s tough to pick one or a couple.
As far as comic books go…I have a couple writers/artist that I follow Brian K. Vaughn, Brandon Graham, Riley Rossmo, Matt Fraction, Ashley Wood, Brian Bendis, Humberto Ramos, Jeff Lemire, that’s just to name a few! But I do have my favorite characters too, It’s very common but I do love me some Spidey and Batman stuff.

Video games: Shadow of the Colossus(Made me cry like a baby), Okami, Bioshock(1 & Infinite), Smash Bros, Resident Evil 4, God of War 1,2,& 3. I COULD GO ON. I also really like all the oddball DS/PSP/DL games like Ninjatown, Loco Roco, Patapon, Castle Crashers, Fat Princess, Braid.

Everything else is just Robot stuff and Pokemon.

Any advice you would like to offer up and coming cosplayers?


Thank you so much for your time. Anything else you’d like for us to be on the look out for?

Always be on the look out 😉 Can’t stop, won’t stop!
Find me on my artist page!
and Instagram: Cynthiatron





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