Corey Feldman And Michael Bay Have Talked About The Ninja Turtles: Return Possible?


The live-action reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is still in the works. Although the film’s production has been delayed, but after some script tweaks and budget cuts the film is expected to get back on track next year. All of the turtle news has been met less than enthusiastically by fans ever since Michael Bay, the film’s producer, said the Turtles wouldn’t be Teenage or Mutant- just aliens. One of the few things fans have tried to remain optimistic about is the potential voice talent. Corey Feldman, who voiced Donatello in the first and third film, has been influential in how future actors have portrayed the tech turtle. MovieWeb caught up with the…actor…recently.

Some have compared Feldman’s Donatello to Peter Cullen’s work as Optimus Prime in terms of voice work. When Feldman was presented with a petition Movieweb had started to get him and the three Workaholics guys on as the movie voice actors, Feldman said that he had actually been talking to Michael Bay about the film:

I appreciate that, and thank you for the support. It’s kind of up in the air. I will say this much. Michael Bay and I have become social acquaintances. We have traded cell phone numbers. We have been in communication. I have let him know that I support the project. He has let me know that he is a fan of my work. Its kind of…We are communicating. I wouldn’t say there has been a formal offer, or anything like that. Its not even really going to be Michael Bay’s decision. It’s going to be the director of the film’s decision.

While that was the most diplomatic, hedge-betting answer you could imagine, it is interesting that he has indeed been talking to Michael Bay. Say what you will about Bay, but he does listen to fans and forum talk. That is evidence by the recent addition of Mark Wahlberg to the Transformers 4 films. Feldman could seriously return or be involved in some way. Feldman also went on to praise Bay’s works and asked fans to trust in the director to bring the Turtles new life. What do you think? Would you want Feldman to return to the franchise and voice the character in the film?

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Source : Movie Web