Contrary To Some Reports, DC Animated Films Are Safe


It was announced earlier by The Wrap that Warner Bros. were shutting down Warner Premiere, a division of Warner’s direct-to-video label. Some sites were reporting that would be the end of DC’s direct-to-video films. That just isn’t the case.

The original report stated the following:

Given the continuing decline in the direct-to-video film market and shifting business models in the production of digital series, the decision was made to close Warner Premiere

The statement also went on to say that the division would finish the remaining projects and series until this fall. If someone stopped reading there it would seem that DC Universe productions would be on its way out, but that’s not the end of the story. The same report states that this closure would only affect a single digit number of employees and that WB would fold its operations into digital distribution, animation, and home video units.

The segment of WB that was on the chopping block worked on direct-to-dvd films such as Ace Ventura Jr and The Dukes of Hazzard prequels. According to Deadline, WB Animation and Warner Home Video will still produce and release animated films like Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, and the ever popular DC Universe films.

This seems like another case of senseless panic, but fans can rest easy knowing that DC ‘s direct-to-video adaptations are still being made. Get ready for The Dark Knight Returns Pt 1 and then the long wait until Pt 2.

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