Sending Press Releases


Editorial Contact

Publishers, creators and vendors wishing to contact the Comic Book Therapy can do so easily. The Comic Book Therapy publishes news from the comic book, the collectible, feature movies and the game industries.

Submitting News

Please include a contact name, a working email address, the publisher’s or vendor’s name and Web site if available. We prefer that news be submitted as attached Word or WordPerfect documents, even when the copy is within the email message. Avoid Adobe Acrobat files. Please be clear in your news release and separate different topics clearly. Please note that we do not publish advertisements but news.

Submitting Previews

Previews are news articles showing display images from upcoming products. The Comic Book Therapy also publishes monthly solicitations from participating comic book publishers. Publishers may include Diamond Comics order codes in their previews’ copy.

Submitting Images With News and Previews

The Comic Book Therapy prefers to receive images as jpg files as attachments within email messages. For large monthly solicitations (i.e., 70 Mb!), please include a link where we can download a single archive file. We prefer Zip files (.zip) rather than Stuff It (.sit) files. We use PC computers. Please remove all Macintosh fork information and always put the file extension after the filename.


Although we publish articles about movies and games, The Comic Book Therapy is foremost a Web site about comic books. We accept all comic books, action figures, movies and game for reviews. We provide reviews for all submitted material, but in no specific schedule. We prefer physical copies of goods to make reviews from and prioritize over digital comics.

Rights and Responsibilities

The Comic Book Therapy is 100% independent. All opinions expressed in articles are those of their authors and not necessarily The Comic Book Therapy’s. The Comic Book Therapy publishes a trademark and copyright notice at the bottom of each article page and indicates to visitors that all copyrights and trademarks are protected.

Sending Promotional Items

Please contact us for more information on where to forward promotional and review material. It’s important that you send all press releases and news to the address below and not any other one.

[email protected]
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