CONSTANTINE Will Be Based In New York And Fight A Recurring Villain


constantine bannerJust four days ago we learned that NBC had found their Constantine in actor Matt Ryan (voice of Edward Kenway in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag). The Welsh actor will reportedly be getting a new blonde hairdo as this version of Constantine will keep his blonde locks and accent unlike the Keanu Reeves film. Well today a few more details on one of DC/Vertigo‘s highly anticipated TV adaptations have come to light via a new report from Bleeding Cool. The site has heard where the chain-smoking detective of the occult will be based and who exactly he’ll be facing off against in his first season.

midniteNow to preface all of this, the information hinges on whether or not the show gets picked up. NBC is said to be very anxious about the pilot and want to get things rolling along toward a full season. Unless the pilot is a complete failure and plans have to be changed due to rewrites, this is likely how things will unfold according to Bleeding Cool. They start off by saying that the blonde Brit will be based in New York. Some scenes will take place in the Ravenscar Psychiatric Hospital, which was a UK based hospital in the Hellblazer series, but that has been moved to the other side of the Atlantic along with a few other Hellblazer landmarks. There may be a few trips across the pond and to other locations, but New York will be where Constantine hangs his trench coat.

More importantly, the site says the big bad for the series will be Papa Midnite. The pilot will introduce the character and provide him an origin of sorts. The site says:

As the series runs on, we’ll see Midnite and Constantine facing off again and again, as the stakes get higher and higher.
Right now though, expect a lot of familiar characters, a lot of familiar storylines and some complete reinvention of those ideas to make them all fit in a new, interwoven arc.

Papa Midnite is a vodun shaman and businessman who Constantine ripped off for about fifty thousand dollars. The two become enemies, though they occasionally work together if the threat is serious enough. The character was in the Keanu Reeves film and was portrayed by Djimon Hounsou (Korath the Pursuer in Guardians of the Galaxy). Now nothing is official until it’s official, but I’d say this info is solid. What do you think about the new Constantine details?

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Source : BleedingCool