Constantine #1 Review


Constantine #1 from DC Comics

Constantine #1 from DC Comics

Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes have given me a little hope.

Being a fan of the Vertigo run Hellblazer series I was more then a little wary that DC was taking Constantine into their own realm rather then leaving him in Dark Justice League and Hellblazer. There are still a lot of fans of John Constantine out there that feel the new 52 book won’t give him even close to the same edge that he had in the Hellblazer books, and to them I say probably not. The thing with this type of move is that it will either give you the same character in a different light, or you will ruin the character for every fan they have, but the same goes with fans. We will look for every problem there is within the book rather than giving it its fair shake.

Constantine opens with him coming out of somewhere dark and seedy and it just gets darker from there. Constantine has never been the outright hero, just a guy who knows some tricks and does whatever he has to to keep from winding up dead. A good start to a character with a lot of history in the DC Comics realm, he is a hero of sorts, but he is also a liar, a cheater, and a manipulator. doing what he needs to do John Constantine embarks on new adventures in a new title, but he seems to be the same anti-hero you either love or hate.

I have faith in Lemire though, and just from the first book it looks like at the very least the first story arc will be a good one. A new Constatine? Not really, just a new home and some good writing. For all the disbelievers and die hard Hellblazer fans I don’t expect much, but if you at least pick up the first issue you did yourself a service and might actually enjoy what they have to offer.

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